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      The name is Harley, and my son Braxton was born March 02, 2010. Let me say before I start I chose to breastfeed my son completely, but my family didn’t want me to and still don’t. Recently they have been telling me since my son is now six months old I need to stop breastfeeding him. I keep trying to explain why I don’t want to stop but no one seems to want to hear me out. I don’t know what to do anymore. I love breastfeeding my son, although it is sometimes hard I still love it. He now has teeth and has began to bite. But yet I am still trying to keep breastfeeding. Before my son Braxton was born I had all these older people telling me I couldn’t breastfeed because of my age, I proved them all wrong. I don’t want to give into their pressure. My son Braxton and I both enjoy the bond we get with breastfeeding. If anyone knows any ways to get the confidence to keep breastfeeding, please let me know.

        Hey.. First congrates 6 months already time fly so fast. Well i choose to breast feed sklyer and dylan until 14 months,My family didn’t want me to cuz i was 16 years old with my first, but its a health wayto give ur baby the right type of food, what u eat is what ur baby eats too.. It hurts most of the time when family tells u should stop when he is still 2 young for other type of food. I kept until sklyer push me way is when i knew she was done with breast milk which was 14 months. i tired when she was bout when she turned one but that didn’t work. hurt more when she started get teeth.first OUCH!!!, its one way to grow a bond with ur child by breastfeeding. Its ur choose when to stop and or conutine feeding. He is ur baby and doesn’t matter on ur age if ur grown up to breastfeed.. I plan on breast feeding Carson when she is born in 3 months… Hope ur family learns its ur choose and decion to feed him the way u what too… The way to keep goin is, it helps ur baby grow health and bonus for u, u lose ur baby weigh while feed. i lose all my baby weight to do breastfeeding un til my kids didn’t what it anymore…If u need any more help just let me know and i’ll help in anyway i can.. hope u find the confindence in keep going, it a good thing for Braxton


          You sound like you are doing a great job!! Its hard, but dont listen to those who want to tell you what to do with your kid. Its breastfeeding now, but later on its going to be what foods he can or cant have, if he should be allowed to spend the night at a friends and so on. You are the parent, not them, and what you say goes. There opinion doesnt matter and only you will be responsible for how he turns out, not them. Tell them that its your kid, and you are doing things your way. Tell them they had a chance to do it their way and now its your turn. Tell them that you dont want advice about what he eats, you get that info from his pediatrician, or whatever you want to add to that. I think its a shame how many young moms dont breastfeed, its so good for your baby, but it also reduces your risk by like 80 percent against breast cancer for just breastfeeding a total of a year. No matter the age, it is always beneficial to breastfeed. I breastfed my son Noah for 8 months, and I wish I would have gone longer. I am pregnant with baby number 2, and I realy want to go for 18 months this time. Once they get a little older, you can offer milk as well as breastmilk, you dont have to nurse all the time if you dont wish to. Its only going to get easier to breastfeed from here on out. At 6-8 months they start to eat solids and you dont nurse as often because they are getting other foods. Its so easy, and you can be more carefree not having to think about a bottle, or bringing anything extra on a trip. You dont have to prepare, and the bonding time is awesome. He is going to start crawling soon, and nursing is the only time you are going to get with him to cuddle most likely!! To get more confidence breastfeeding you could call your local Wic office, or hospital and ask them if their are any times when woman get together to talk about nursing, and support. Often times at these meetings you can meet other moms who have the same issues as you do, get advice, and even share what worked for you to less experienced moms. With the biting thing…. when he bites, say no really firm, firm enough to scare him a little, and pull him off. You can latch him back on after that, but if he bites again say no again, and take him off. Dont put him back on for at least 10 minutes. Just saying No in a firm voice is usually enough though, but make sure you dont just keep letting him nurse if it isnt, he needs to know that it isnt allowed. My son started getting teeth at 4 months, and would naw on my breasts for relief. When he would be getting the tooth in he would start to bite, and each time I would have to go through the whole no, and laying down the boundaries. Once he gets teeth in front you may feel them slightly on your breast while nursing. Its natural to feel this, and it may irritate your breasts for a week or two, but your breast do adjust to it. I nursed Noah with 8 teeth, and I just got use to it, and didnt feel get sore from it by that point. Feel free to message me at any time on here if you need any advice at all, or just want to talk!!


            Hello.I think people who think you need to be a certain age to breastfeed forget that back in the day people married and had kids at a young age also. It’s great that you want to breastfeed you son till he’s older although around this time you should be giving him food also.I am still currently breastfeeding my son who is 16 months and am going to the 2 year mark if i can. One thing is if for some reason you stop lactating don’t blame yourself. I bring this up because people I know think that there is something wrong with them if they can’t breastfeed and get depressed. Anyways hang in there and good luck.

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