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      …. i am one of those people who don’t get their periods regularly. I haven’t had mine since the end of march…. and it is now june…..
      I took a test, it came out negative but the reason why i worry is because my breasts have been releasing a fluid, and its whitish…. is that breast milk… and does that mean that i’m pregnant? i took the test and it totally came out negative…


        hey adah, i am goin thru the same thing i noticed the "milk" a few days ago. i was having severe soreness in my breast n i put a hot towel over them to relieve some of the pain and when i took the towel of n was wiping myself dry i saw the whitish liquid seeping out. i took a test n it was neg too but i been having alot of symptoms. guess we are in the same boat. You should go see your doctor thats my plan 😉


          u may be pregnant. go to the doctor for a test b/c if u are pregnant u need to be getting prenatal care.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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