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      I was thinking about breast feeding my child because of all the positives that the baby gets from breast milk. However, I am not sure because I have heard that it causes you breast to sag and it is very painful. Could someone tell me their experience with breast feedng?


        i wont lie when i say my breasts kind of sag.. but nothing a push up bra doesnt fix! i breast fed for 4 and a half months and my baby was in perfect health… as soon as i stopped she got sick 3 times in 4 months and ended up getting phenmonia. i can say from my experience that i will breast feed as long as i can next time! work or not.


          i breastfed my son for 2 mos than it started to hurt to bad but its true your baby will be more healthy if breast feed n it deoes cause sagging but bras will help its all up to the person bit try it n if you dont like you can change theres no problem with that.


            I breastfed my daughter for about 6 months and my son for only a month….with my daughter I was a stay home mom for the first year of her life so I was able to do so…with my son..well he came ot work with me when he was 1 week old…I was a single mom and I could not afford to stay home from work, I worked the day before I went in to be induced and he came to work with me for three weeks…he was a month old when I quit breastfeeding but it want by choice…I was so overwhelmed with all the changes…going from 1 to 2 on your own is a very tough transition…I ended up having mastitus 3 times in a month…it sent me to the emergency room twice…I was trying to breastfeed and pump to keep a good supply and work and take care of my daughter and clean and do the shopping and go to church and play with the kids…I finally woke up one morning at my sons great grandmas house (on top of it my pellet stove had quit working in December so I had to stay the night there until my stove was serviced) after a night with no sleep and horribly over full breasts with bright red blotches all over them I was covered head to toe in little red bumps…I was so stressed out that my body was shutting down…I quit breastfeeding that day…I fed him the supply I had saved up from pumping and then put him on formula…I so wish that I could have breastfed him longer but being a good mom and not going to the loony bin was worth stopping…I know locally there is a "club" called Le Leche League…it is a group of women that encourage you and teach you the best methods for breastfeeding…if you have a hard time talk to WIC and see if they can help you find something like that where you are….as long as you are able to maintain sanity for your child then please breastfeed…if nothing else the first couple of days before you get milk are the most important…babies really need the colosterum…I look forward to having another baby..I think we are going to start trying in November…I am going to do everything I can to learn the art of breastfeeding so that what happened with my son wont happen again…with all that said..neither of my kids have ever had an ear infection at 5 and 2 1/2…I think it has alot to do with the breast milk…even a little does a whole lot more than none…give it a try…and yes I agree with the other ladies…a different kind of bra is needed after breast feeding but the bonding that takes place with your child in that time is worth more than perfect breasts..LOL…Love Meg


              i agree with mama_macie! The downside is it can make your breasts sag but not to what ppl think.. There should be no oain in breastfeeding if the bub is latched on properly! Unfortunately my 2 werent that interested which was a shame and i kept getting mastitus..grr
              Wish you all the best with whatever decision you make. Dont at any time feel pressured to do something that u dont wanna do


                Breastfeeding takes some time to ‘get’ but its perfectly natural n is better 4 bub. It does makes ur breasts sag, some ppl worse than others, but i reckon its way worth it. i breastfed 4 17 months so i was way out there i suppose, but it was such a wonderful way of bonding in the first months after my son was born!

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