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      When my cousin died in January i was left as the leagal guardian of her 2year old son, im only 17, and i don’t know how to explain to him that his mummy is not comming back. He has been fine living with me, but he keeps asking when is he going to see mummy again, and i realy dont know how to explain it to him. Please if anyone has any ideas can you let me know, i no im in a different situation from most on the site, but any suggestions would be helpfull.
      Thank you


        Just sit down with him and explain to the differents between where his mom is at and why she is not coming back.Talk to him about heaven and let him know that’s where his mom is at and let him know she is not coming back.

        That he will see him mom in his dreams. And that she is always watching him. Try to put a picture next to his bed so he won’t feel alone, just give him a lot of love and care.


          Dealing with grief is a very hard thing. Especially when you’re dealing with a very young child. My suggestion is to explain to him that his mommy loves him very much but that she went to sleep and didn’t wake up. Make sure that he understands that it is nothing that he said or did. But she loved him so much and that you do too. You cannont replace his mom, but you can love him. Does he have grandparents? If so, talk bout them too. You don’t want to dwell on this for too long. Just make sure that he know how many people love him and are here to take care of him and that it wasn’t his fault.


            you’ve done a great thing taking on this child. i would speak to a child’s counselor and ask his or her advice. i do think keeping her picture near his bed is a great idea. just make sure he knows his mommy loves him and did not choose to leave him.


              That sweet little boy will soon be calling you mommy, sweetie. I know it is heartbreaking, but he will. I use to work at a daycare, and he will remember his angel mommy , but he will also have you. At two they will remember as long as you let them, you need to get his mind off of her by games, movies, any activity, keep his mind going. After he passes the missing mommy stage, then you can tell him the truth, he will be fine, and so will you.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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