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      My boyfriend and I have been together for over to years. He is not the father of my son but he loves him like he is but some days I look at him and say I cant do this any more and it has became more and more frequent since my son turned 1. We’ve been thru a lot but sometime he resents my son or at least i think he does because of the way he acts around him. Every time i think about leaving I cant.
      I can’t stand to be at my house because there has been too much drama. I get too stressed out and end up in the hospital. I have been dealing with so many health issues. I just want me time, no boyfriend no baby. That will never happen in this lifetime. There have been times when I look at our relationship and think that it is not right. I can see my self with someone else but I don’t know if i could do that to mason and have him grow up with out a father.
      I am so damn confused


        Hey Amy, aww I’m sorry you are having to figure that stuff out. Are there other reasons you’d leave him or is it mostly that you think he resents your child and you can see yourself with someone else? Perhaps, I know I do this…perhaps you are misinterpreting what he is actually thinking or doing and a good discussion could clear things up. Writing down what you have to say, what you see, how it makes you feel, might help. This may not be your situation either, but sometimes committing to working things through will help your relationship and while you might see yourself with someone else now (because you see flaws in your boyfriend) when you are with that new person there will also be flaws that rise up and will need dealt with; so committing and working through with him now might end up best. I have no idea if there is more to your situation, or what will be best for your boy but I wish you all the best and pray your health gets better. Have you looked at any resources that could help you in your situation. Try and talk with a pregnancy resource center near you. They might be able to point out some helpful services or give some sound advice too.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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