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      my boyfriend hits me. im pretty sure he cheats on me..and he lies to me all the time. we broke up but its so hard for me to not be with him because i love him..and im pregnant with his child. i just need some advice. am i doing the right thing?


        If you stay away from him you are doing the right thing. I left my daughters ffather for a few of the same reasons and he tried to make me feel guilty. I told him that I would rather raise her on my own then to raise her in an abusive environment. I believe that with my whole heart. Haveing two parents is important but I think a healthy environment is much more important. Well I have been married for 4 months now. My daughter does have a daddy who loves her very much and he respects her mommy like every man should do. Her father has nothing to do with her ….he never calls, doesnt send her b-day cards,and has never paid child support but he also doesnt cause us to live in fear and he isnt around to set a horrible example. If you pray the Lord will bring you a daddy for her one day and if you follow the ways of the Lord you will be very blessed.Just let the Lord work this out in His way and in His timing and make sure that you keep away from him so he cant hurt you or give you a disease……Love and Prayers…Meg


          you need to leave this guy for good!

          you need to leave him for your babies sake and especially for yours!

          he will abuse your baby just like he abuses you and you will regret it if you stay there.


            you need to leave him so that you and this baby can have a future without violence!!!


              I think you already know you’re doing the right thing. It doesn’t sound like there’s much to love about him except that he’s a fellow human being. He certainly didn’t act in a way to deserve your love. Unfortunately, we (especially women) tend to be like a moth to a flame. Just know that you’re not alone in this kind of situation. Also, your love for your child will far exceed any love you might have for this man. You’ll want to protect a baby even more than yourself, and since you’re smart enough to do what’s right for you, it’ll be easier to continue doing so for a child. Surround yourself with people who support your decision so they can keep you grounded when you start to be tempted by him.


                if you are staying away from him that is the best thing for both you and your baby…esp for yalls safety. i dont know how you feel but i know you are upset because you want your child to have a father in their life but if she is in danger or you then you have to be strong..sometimes the right decision is the hardest. i hope you the best of luck. stay strong sweetheart!


                  I really love the way you describe the relationship of your hub with your daughter.Ive got a bf too and things are not so rosy all the time.Still dont want her to call him dad in the future, I guess ive been hurt so deep it hurts.He does not like babies, he makes efforts of hell to adjust to situation, he is young and he knows and accept i come in double package.I feel so sad things are not perfect.Ive got to split my time in twains so to keep every1 satisfied but what about me…the 3 of us are ok,he enjoys our company but i dont trust any1 any further and its me the one who keeps us separated.Dont want a father( yet) but i dread the day she pops the quest….but im not surrendering to him ( bio) ,


                    GET AWAY FROM HIM!! if he hits u do u really want to bring a child into that? do u really want the chance that he’ll hit ur baby?!? don’t even let it be a possibility get away from him now!!!


                      If He hits you, i would stay the heck away from him, because that is not good for you or your baby. A guy that does something like that you should try to stay away from. It is okay to have feelings for the guy, because you are pregnant with his child, and there will always kind of be them feelings, just for that fact that you have a kid with him. and if you want him to be there when the baby comes, make sure he dont hit you anymore! otherwise that may not be good. does he want to be in the childs life and support it and all of that? If so, like i said make sure he dont hit you anymore, and you guys don’t have to date, just because you are having a kid together. You may love him, and might always have them feelings and thats all good. Try being just friends and see how that goes. Just do what YOU think is right for you! dont let anyone choose what you think is right! 🙂 just do your best with everything, but like i said hes not that great of a guy if he hits you, because that just aint right at all.

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