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    sophia roses mummy

      hi im gabby
      i had an abortion of my little girl 7months and 2 weeks ago on the 16th march 2009(2moz) and my boyfriend doest like to talk about her atall, my quetion is is how do i get him to tell me how he feels?
      it just keeps ending up in either still not talking or an argument, but we allways make up again. he is my bestfriend and we do get on really really well and i love him to bits! and weve been together for like 2years πŸ™‚

      i found out i was pregnant a few days ago and i went to the docs and they said i was 3 weeks pregnant and me and ollie are really really happy with the news and very exsited! but im just worried if this is him trying to cover up what happend to mine and his daughter

      any advice?
      thankyou Ox’


        Guys don’t tend to like talking about their feelings on someone elses schedule when he’s ready he’ll come to you and speak trust me just let him know that he doesn’t have to hide anything he’s feeling and you are there for him whatever he feels. And leave it at that. Trust me I know from experience with my bf. If you need a release write a diary that is completely warts and all and when he eventually does come to you make sure you get all you need to out to him. Much luck x


          hey gabby, um sometimes men dont like to talk about their feelings and they deal with it better in their own way,and it probably pains him to talk about it, or think about it so he rather just avoid it, he wants to be ‘strong’, and that could be his personal way of dealing with it which is not a bad thing as long as its not changing who he is, we girls need to get our feelings out in the open and vent before we can deal with them but that doesnt mean all men are like that and we as females also feel the need to know or would like to know our partners every thought and feeling lol and want them to express it,but not all men are comfortable with it and forthcomming… i think you should not ask him anymore about it, he clearly doesnt want to discuss it and thats ok as long as you dont see him changing like something eating him up inside… so save yourself the arguments and fights and be happy and enjoy ur pregnancy, i dont think he takes this as a cover up for the baby you lost but maybe he sees this as a way to bring light and happiness into your lives and i know you both deserve it πŸ™‚

          xoxox mwah!

          sophia roses mummy

            yes thankyou for the advise πŸ™‚
            atm everything is going ok
            just got mixed emotions all the time with being pregnant

            anywayy much love to you all



              Sometimes guys just have a hard time expressing what they are feeling, give him some time and when hes ready he will talk about it.

              congrats on your pregnancy!!!


                I have been there before,dont force the issue-give him time.As much as we girls get hurt & feel pain,guys also go through the same thing.My previous relationship ended because of that,so try to keep the communication lines open. πŸ™‚ Stay blessed & take care Kanye


                  Guys like to hold on to the feelings they have so that us girls dont use them against them πŸ™‚ Just let him know that you are there to listen to whatever he has to say about the decison you made. Let him know that you love him no matter what. No one can give the advice to you when you know the answer. Good Luck!


                    Hi Gabby,

                    Stay strong and healthy for yourself and for the little one you are carrying. Praise Him for this gift of another chance. He has blessed you and is asking you to walk strong in the face of the weak and selfish world that we live in.

                    Keep a positive attitude as much as positive through prayer to remove the doubts and negative feelings everyone may want to throw at you. Ollie may struggle for some time with issues, but love him and let him know when he’s ready to talk, you’ll be there to listen with a loving heart.

                    My prayers are with you,

                    sophia roses mummy


                      i found out the sex of my baby today im having a little girl! πŸ™‚



                        Aw! Congratulations! πŸ™‚

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