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      Hi there girls, not sure if im being silly but twice in the last week ive dreamt of having a baby girl and i almost believe it for some reason. im only 9weeks 4days but the dreams are so convincing. Just woundering if any1 else thought they knew what their baby was going to be and why. thanx gemx

      Mommy-2-be: jun 08


        you could possibly be having a little girl. Ive heard of ppl dreaming that they were pregnant and just to ease their mind they did a test and was positive. Your mind is amazing.
        I had really horrible dreams while pregnant both times.


          hey, i knew i was havivg a boy.. it was just a strong feeling, never crossed my mind that it would be a girl.

          i hope your dreams are true and that its a happy healthy baby


            i knew/know what mine were…i have a little girl a little boy and preg w another little boy.the sex hasnt been confirmed by ultrsound but i just know…call it instinct i suppose


              well i’m not preggo yet but i had this dream ages ago that my cousin had a baby girl and i was preggo with a boy…and now she’s pregnant..i don’t know if it will be a girl but i have SUCH a strong feeling…maybe your dreams are telling you something..i always trust them…:)


                oh..exciting ur having ur baby dreams, i know that most of my friends who dreamed their babies sex (and my self) had that sex of a baby, i dreamed i was having a boy and i have a boy…

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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