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      my boyfriend and i can’t seem to agree on any. the only names we have somewhat agreed on are adam and evan. i dont like really popular names. we picked out the name jane for a girl. any ideas for boy names?!


        i really like the names jordan, adam and aaron….thats all i can really think of now though, boy names are hard lol~alesha~


          wow i posted twice sorry ha


            i like the names adam and i like nathan, kyle, tanner *that one is really unique* haha. those are my favorite.


              yea aaron is a good name. Thats my boyfriends name. My friend just named her baby Stone. But i dont know about that because ppl might call him Stoner. I like Cody, Jacob, Jackson. Good luck


                well i had decided to name my little boy David Isaiah, mostly because it’s sorta tradition in both my and my husbands families to have the boys have part of thier name be from the father, and my husbands middle name is david…..and i like really unique names, so that’s why if we were gonna have a girl we were gonna name her Kodie Laine…..


                  wow those names are super cute . i like the names Tristan , Tanner , Dallen && Trevor . they arent very common .



                    Well thats kind of the same over here me and my boyfriend cant agree on a name for a boy either, he likes Zaeden Joe, but im kinda ifie on that name i want to go with something else,but i dont know what boy names that are out thier, that the people we know dont already have, you know.:( But as for the girl i like the name alexiana Marie, but i think that he likes Chelsea Marie. which one would any of yall prefer ? 😉


                      evan is a cute name. and i like the names cody, matthew, leon, nathaniel. keegan. andrew.


                        I like Aiden and Ethan, my fiance and i are considering those.


                          my boyfriends sons name is aden ,i like the name carlos,andy,justin ,ezecio xsaver or a girls names daja anistaja magthalena


                            I love the name Daren. I can imagine a goodlooking boy with a kind and respectable heart. I also like Caleb, Carver, Trevor, and Sawyer. But Daren is the name for me.


                              i like the names, Rio, Jaydon, Kian if thats any help to u, get back to us when u and your bf have decided lol take care x


                                i like the names, Rio, Jaydon, Kian if thats any help to u, get back to us when u and your bf have decided lol take care x


                                  i like Connor, Colin, and Cole.


                                    I like Aiden(or can be spelled like Aaden), Aaron or Liam.


                                      I like the name Michael and Carlyle. all da guys I knw with names r sexy:)

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