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      On wednesday last week I found out I was pregnant. Keeping it at this stage isn’t an option.

      I went in to the clinic on friday to get it done but the nurse said it was still too soon forit to be done as it can’t be seen on the ultra-sound yet so I need to go back next friday.

      Although I know 2 other people wh have had abortions, I’m afraid to ask them too many questions. I’m terrified as I don’t know how bad (physically) I will feel after taking the abortion pills and for how long. Any advice from any one who has done it? How long will I bleed heavily for? Can I use tampons?


        iif u dont mind me askin y cant u keep it???? and no u cant use tampons becuase ur cervixs is open… but u might bleed up to 2 weeks… my sis had a abortion and she said it was physically and mentally draning..


          My advice to you is that you shouldnt get the abortion unless you are 100 percent positive you can deal with the huge emotional effects that come along with an abortion. I went through one last year and im still recovering from it . It is one of the worst most horrifying pains i have ever felt. Nothing they say will prepare you for it and having contractions then basically passing the sac where you baby is was terrifying. I never expected to be able to see the tiny baby i thought it would just be all blood and stuff its terrible. If you believe you cant do it and that this is the best choice for you prepare yourself because if your not 100 percent sure you will regret it and live with the pain of it but if your not even the least bit sure about the choice your about to make please keep your baby read my story and see if thats what you want to feel.


            Oh Honey, I am so glad you found this site, I want you to stop for one second take a deep breath, and realize that there is no coincidence in the fact that you were turned away from the clinic last week, it was not a chance happening but true divine intervention to stop you from doing something that you will regret for the rest of your life….I know this is kind of disturbing but you know why they want the baby to be bigger/more developed when they perform an abortion? After the procedure they put the baby back together to make sure they have everything out, sorry I put it as gently as I could for those most affected but that is the truth and it is not pretty or nice to hear….you can end up with serious infections if any part of the baby or placenta or anything else related to being pregnant is left inside of you…You mentioned taking the pill, I assume RU486, this is a very dangerous drug and many women have died from it, many others have still had to have a surgical abortion due to the pills not working quick enough and or the baby not fully expelling from the body…I want you to read this post about RU486,
            If you cannot access the link I am going to send the story to you through an email, it is so important that you read it, this was written by one of my best friends of like 14 years…we were pregnant at the same time, it hurt our relationship so much but somehow we have survived and are closer friends than ever before, I did everything in my power to encourage her not to go through with it but sadly she did and she regrets it to this day….I am here for you and I hope that you will cancel your appointment, at least for now, you can always make another one but you cannot “un-take” pills or undo an abortion….also this is a great resource for you in this time, 1-800-395-HELP, call this number and they will give you the number and location of the closest Pregnancy Resource Center to you where you can have FREE and CONFIDENTIAL help, whether it would be counseling to see if you should have an abortion, go with adoption or decide to beat the odds and parent!! Please write back and let me know what you think about my friends story and if you have any further questions and if and when you make a final decision on what to do….there are tons of resources out there, you are not alone, we are all here for you….Love Meg

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