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      Ok well i am 10 days late and have most of the pregnancy symptoms. But I’ve just started bleeding and now worrying that I could be miscarrying! Its only really light like spotting and its barely even there like a really light pinky colour… Am I worrying too much, is it just implantation bleeding or what! Please help!


        Well if you are 10 days late the implantation would have already passed. A small amount of pink discharge isn’t something to get worried about, but if the amount increases or turns red call your doctor right away. Have you had sex recently, sometimes that can cause light spotting? Have you taken a pregnancy test?


          i was 7 weeks pregnant and i started to bleed i thought that i had misaged my bf make me go to the hop and i did not misaged it was just coz i have sex and that is what coused it do u know if u were pregnant or not



            Sounds like implantation bleeding huni. . . But go to the doctors an get checked over u never know. . . plus worryin a stressin can harm the baby an cause misscarrage plz go to the docs an put ur mind at rest. . . . .. .Bu i had it wen i was 7 weeks pregnant an my mdwife sez it was implantation bleedin an dirrty blood from my last period, im now 26 weeks with my healyth son who is due 16th July xxxxxxx I wish u all the luck in the world xxxxx

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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