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      I was having a light brown discharge a few days before my period and I thought it was my period so I started my new pill pack[haven’t been on the pill since april06].So I waited for my period and all I did was spot for 4 days and I thought it was implantation so now I’m bleeding like a normal period.I took a pt 3 times{neg} so should I think I;m pregnant?

      Miss Boop

        Well in my first pregnancy I was spotting and then I began to clot…I miscarried at 9 weeks. And in my second pregnancy I haven’t bleed at all. Because you took the pill your tests will be a little off because those types of things interfere with the pregnancy tests. But if you’re not haveing any signs then you can wait it out a couple of weeks to a month. I know of successful pregnancies with bleeding and I know of unsuccessful one with & without bleeding. That’s a real contradicting situation because so much interferes with one another. I hope all goes well with you even if you’re not or if you are!!! Enjoy life!!! Soon-to-be mom of a beautiful BABY BOY!!!


          :unsure: Please help me i am not sure if this is normal.
          i have been off the pill for 5 months now (i am 20, my partner is 27) and cant wait to start a family we have been together for 2 years on the 25 of december.
          i am 3 weeks late for my period, but have had some spot bleeding the last 4 days but it has stopped. i have gained a bit of weight, and cant stop going to the toilet every 15miniutes or so. Do you think i am getting my wish?????//

          I hope i am because its my boyfriends birthday tomorow and i am gonna take a home test and i think that would be a great present.

          What do you think???


            tulungan nyo po ako masagot ang katanungan ko po sana po mapakinggan nyo at sa tgalog din po kau pag sasalita bali 6 na araw po ako na delay tas po ngaun dinatnan ako pero paumti umti lng ang labas ng dugo ano po ibiog sabihin un sana po anjan agad ung sagot nyo salamat po


              🙁 I’m sorry honey, but i don’t think you’re pregnant. You have done three tests already. If you do want to get pregnant, then I suggest you come off your pill and wait. It took me nearly a whole year to get pregnant, so don’t be too disheartened.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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