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      so i am almost 16 and about 9 weeks pregnant. and the one thing i am so concerned about it mental/physical illnesses and birth defects. they dont run in my family or the fathers. but i am just so scared. i pray every night that my baby comes out healthy, but in the back of my mind. i have no clue what is all out there. do birth defects have anything to do with heredity? or is it all just chance? does it have to do with the way i take care of myself, is there a way to help prevent them. what are the percentages? if anyone has any info to help ease my mind. please help!


        Hey I am Anna, I’m 15 and 6 months. Ok, calm down, I think we’ve all been through the deformed monster baby stage. I’ve worried about the same things myself many a times, I’ve had nightmares and the likes. Even after my first ultrasound proved that my baby was perfectly healthy and NOT deformed I still, was not convinced. I think with the percentages thing that while some certain abmnormalities, deformities, disabilities have a higher risk of developing if it runs in the family that most of the horror stories you here are in fact, purely coincidental. So yes, of course there is always a risk but those terrifying stories you read about most oftenly occur in third world countries as well, where the hygiene and sanitary conditions are scarce. If you are a reasonably healthy girl and so far have not had any complications you and your baby should be just fine. Stop worrying about what CAN happen and be confident that everything will be just fine.
        Good luck,
        love Anna

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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