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    princess Angela

      Hey guys,

      Im having some trouble with the father does anyone know where i legally stand with child support and him signin the birth certificate?

      Any help will be appreciated

      Thanks Angela


        um…i think it might vary by state on how everything works, but i know in wisconsin (where i am) if you are pregnant you can call the child support people in your area, or even the courthouse to get contact information, and they should give you all the information you need. Regardless, the father is going to have to pay child support unless you and him are married and/or living together without your parents. I know that if the father denies he is the father you need to get a paternity test done once the baby is born, but if he doesn’t deny it then there’s no need for a genetic test. In my situation the county is making my boyfriend (and the baby’s dad) pay child support until me and him get our own place or get married, but he doesn’t need to pay until he graduates high school. I hope that helped a little bit.


          hey, it depends on your state, but as far as I know, as long as you can legally prove he is the father, through a paternity, his own admission, the birth certificate, ect, he owes you child support. how much depends on how much he makes ect. this is what I have heard, but google you state with something like "(your state) child support laws".


            It depends on what the problems are. What exactly is wrong and what do you want to come of the situation? For example, if you don’t want the dad involved and he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the kid either, then you don’t have to put his name on the birth certificate at all. But if you WANT to have his name on the birth certificate and he’s saying the kid isn’t his or something stupid like that, I’m pretty sure you can order a paternity test and once you get the results back I think they’ll make him sign the B.C. and you can take him to court for child support and whatnot. Keep in mind though, if his name is on the B.C. and you take him to court and all that, you are tied to him because they will probably give him custody rights and depending on how well off he is vs. how well off you are he might very well get primary custody of your kid. You have to be careful with these things.


              Basically putting him as father on the birth certificate does not mean you will get child support and it doesn’t mean he will get any kind of custody, in order to get child support you have to file with the Child Support Division, and in order for him to get custody he has to take you to court for a custody hearing, however, it does vary state to state but if there is no custody order then he could simply walk in and take your child and disappear and it will not be kidnapping….if you are worried about him harming you or your child then go to a womens crisis shelter or advocate and file for a restraining order, if you are not worried about harm then simply draw up some papers, go to the court and ask who to go about establishing full custody of your child…it is hard without being married to set it all up and I still haven’t with my son’s father, we work it out between ourselves…he has him every other weekend…at any time I could stop sending him and at anytime he could run off…but we do have some trust established so that helps…if you file for child support and a father is not listed then they will court order a paternity test, if he denies paternity and he is the father then he has to pay for it, if you say he is the father and he is not you will have to pay for it…but once there is a name on the certificate it is there, no changing it and no removing it, but if you do not name the father and paternity is established then they will add his name…if you are willing to go it alone and he wants nothing to do with your child then don’t put his name down, that way you go your separate ways, but also if you need the support don’t be afraid to file for it, your child deserves to be supported by both parents, if he doesn;t want to physically support his child then at least let the state pursue him for financial support, we have a friend who got married and 6 months into marriage his wife got pregnant and left him, she moved across the country back to where she had lived before, she told him she was home sick and was "visiting family", she never went home and when he flew out and showed up at her door she shut it in his face, that is when he realized she was leaving him…he fought for custody during the divorce process, he is much more financially stable than her and has plenty of dirt on her that could smear her in court, we know all of this because this in my husbands ex wife, she did the same thing to him, we even teamed with him and gave info to help his case and he still lost, he gets visitation and has to fly over 3 time zones ever couple of months just to have his daughter for 2 weeks…if he couldn’t get his daughter full time with all the dirt he had against the mom then I guarantee you that an immature guy who wants nothing to do with his child will not be granted full custody, if he fights hard enough to get what our friend did then he is proving himself to be a good enough father to have the child for visitation and that will be a good thing for your child, don;t stress and worry, the court doesn’t like to take kids from their birth moms, no matter how "good" the dad is…you and baby deserve his financial support, don’t let fear keep you from it…Love Meg


                you are in aus right? Here it doesnt matter if he doesnt sign (though easier if he does) the CSA (child support agency) will get him for childsupport if you tell them that he is the father. He can of course deny he is, but you can make him get a dna test done. He will get stung one way or another. And it doesnt matter if he moves interstate.


                  Yeah, it doesn’t matter if he says he won’t put himself down in Australia — all you do is tell CSA, if he still denies it they will do a DNA test and it will all be obvious…and then he’s stuck paying child support.


                    Hi! The first think you should do is go to the court. Then the court gives an order, find the father, and he is forced to make dna testing. I don’t know what is relationship between you and the father of the baby, but I’d recommend you to choose very reliable dna service that guarantees high accuracy etc. My friend faced the occasion when the father claimed that he wasn’t father because accuracy of testing wasn’t high enough. I don’t know the name of that lab, but it’s better to be very attentive. It could last very long, but she managed to have another testing in another lab (this lab I remember Accuracy is maximal. He is admitted to be father. So don’t give up if testing results are strange. But better choose service yourself. That’s all. The father pays child support.

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