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      hi everyone!
      Annalee was born on 9/11! after 22 hours of labor, i had a c-section because she wouldn’t decend. Then i had issues with my epidural, there was one spot that wouldn’t stay numb, so they had to pump me full of morphine because i could feel them stitching me up! (if your having a c-section, don’t worry! this is def. not normal!) i’m so glad it’s over, but it was way worth it! she was born 8 lbs 12 oz and 20.5 inches long. ive been home for a week, and have some questions:

      at night she wont sleep in her crib, she has to be next to me in bed which really scares me, but its the only way for either of us to get any sleep! any sugestions? did any of you co-sleep?

      i’m attempting to breastfeed, but unless i supplement with formula a few times a day she never seems satisfied, she just wants to suck and suck, which makes it really hard because my nipples hurt soo bad, their cracked and really painful. I’m going to hopefully talk to a lactation consultant on monday, but does anyone have any tips that worked for them? unless i supplement were both really miserable, shes always hungry and im in severe pain.

      any insight would be great! thanks a lot!


        Hi – i co slept a couple of times for the same reason. I found i didnt move when she was in bed with me. A girl that had a baby on here though put her baby’s change mat in the bed with her and the baby on that so she didnt roll on something.
        Re the cracked nipples…i get you there. It will get better. Hopefully the lactation consultant will be able to help more with positioning. The aim of the game is to get as much of the aereola in the baby’s gob as possible. Try resting the baby on a pillow on your lap for extra support, baby should be across your chest though and not lying diagonally down (there are other postions that may be easier). She could be comofort sucking as well. Have you tried using a dummy/pacifier? You can use some lanolin (wool fat) on your nipples. It will help them heal, and doesnt need to be washed off when baby’s ready for a feed. Breastmilk is also good and try giving them some ‘airing’ i know that sounds strange but it does help. Pumping after she feeds can help to increase supply as it imitates a baby sucking at the breast, and the more baby sucks the more milk will be made (supply and demand).If i can help with anything else let me know.
        Good luck.
        Congratulations on the birth of your little girl ๐Ÿ™‚


          and PS
          you may know this but when detatching baby, wet/lick your finger and slip it in the side of babys mouth until you hear a ‘pop’ which means suction is broken. Will save alot of pain when getting baby off already sore nipples.

          (i talk alot dont i…lol)


            Why do i keep thinking of things??? especially when you probably already know them…

            I re-read the post and realised you had a c-section…personally i think you are doing an amazing job for breastfeeding as much as you are coz thats apparently not easy on the abdominals…Have you tried lying down on your side when you feed her? Can take some of the pressure off.

            I will shut-up now :blush:


              i co-sleep with my little girl. but i bought a co-sleeper at target for like $30 and its amazing. you cant roll over on them and they stay in the bed. the only bad thin is if they wiggle a lot they kinda scoot down. but other then that i love it! you should definately think of getting one.

              congrats on the new baby!


                hi there! first of all congratulations!, well i co-sleep with my daughter a few hours , or sometimes all night long since she was born, well, first of all my bed is next to the wall and i put some folded sheets so she wont hit against the wall, i have light sleep so im not afraid i would roll over her, but if you are afraid that this can happen to you, they sell some ยจdevicesยจ for co-sleeping moms so that you wont roll over the baby, i try to make her sleep soemtimes on her crib, what i usually do, is i sit down for a while on her crib (yes its sounds funny but i do) and let her find her own way to sleep, onces shes deeply sleeping i get down and go to my bed, usually around 10 -10:30 pm, and then about 3 am she wakes up and i take her with me to the bed and sleeps with me the rest of the night.. ive been doing this since she was born, so that she can get used to both my bed and her crib, sometimes she sleeps the whole night in her crib, or with me , and this works for me really good…

                About breastfeeding ive been breastfeeding since she was born, im starting to take off breastfeeding for now, shes 11 months, at first she was like your baby , i had ti give her formula too, but i pushed more into breastfeeding, at first it hurted really bad, i almost cried but it was just for the first week, and then i quit on formula, i only gived her formula if i couldnt breastfeed, which was almost never, my advice is even if you feel like its not coming out milk, let the baby keep sucking, stimulation really helps, if you keep stimulating more and more milk would come out, the secret is stimulation, even if you feel its not coming anything, it will believe me, i pumped my milk sometimes and it came 8 oz from each breast, i was a cow!!!, well thats my advice, take kare , lots of love …alex


                  Congratulations….. I did co sleep with my daughter and although it made it so we could both sleep it made it much harder in the long run. She is only a week old she doesn’t know any better. If I were you I would try to get her our of this habit now because as she does grow use to it you really wont get any sleep. Maybe try one of those things that they lay on and has a stiff triangle shape pillow on each side so she feels something is around her. Sorry it has been 6 years so I don’t remember the name of it. Well good luck and take lots of pictures you will blink and this stage will be over. ๐Ÿ™‚


                    good to see you are trying with the boobie feeding. Dont feel down on yourself if it doesnt work.
                    Congrats to you guys.

                    Hmmm co sleeping is a personal thing. Personally i dont like it coz ive seen too many kids do it for yrs and yrs but if it works for you then go for it.
                    i know my kids were horrid sleepers when babies especially on the boob feeding. always hungry. I ended up lseeping in the lounge with them.
                    They started to settle in and she will too. Its all so new for her.


                      Congratulations! ๐Ÿ™‚

                      I know that my boyfriend’s mom just had a baby 6 weeks ago and he didn’t sleep in his crib until 3-4 weeks old. Just make sure that the baby is lying on their back and not their stomach, and judging from her baby, it’ll be fine. He’s completely healthy.

                      As for the breastfeeding, she also had to do the same. You shouldn’t feel guilty at all. It takes a few weeks to get used to and then you’ll be all set!


                        Congratulations on Annalee! That is such a pretty name! It’s horrible that you had such a hard time with labor and the epidural and all that. ๐Ÿ™ But I’m glad that you’re doing pretty well now! ๐Ÿ™‚

                        As far as the breastfeeding goes… it’s great that you are nursing her! One thing that you might want to check on is: is she actually taking the whole areola in her mouth or just the nipple?
                        If she is just snacking and snacking, you might want to feed her at an appointed time and just keep her at the breast until she starts actually eating and not just nibbling.
                        Was the lactation consultant able to help you?
                        I hope it goes better soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

                        As far as the crib goes… if you don’t mind co-sleeping it’s not very dangerous to the baby. A lot of midwives and people like that recommend that the mother and baby co-sleep. (You just don’t want to be doing it when she’s like 2 years old.)
                        But if you want her to sleep in her crib, go ahead and insist upon it. If she starts to get sleepy during the day, put her in the crib. At night cuddle with her and then put her in the crib and leave her alone until it’s time to feed her.

                        Ok well, I hope that those ideas helped… Congrats again on your little girl! ๐Ÿ™‚


                          Congrats on the new baby! I never breastfed, so I can’t really help you in that department, however, I did have my son sleep with me all the time for about the first two or three months of his life. It was the only way either of us could get any sleep and it worked out really well. Then when I started wanting him to sleep in his crib I would hold him until he fell asleep then lay him down and when he woke up in the middle of the night, then I would put him in bed with me. Now he will sleep in his crib all night by himself. By the way, my son is five months old now. So it’s really up to you, but I had a good experience with co-sleeping.


                            hey i was gonna advise the same thing as Kylie, shes totally ryt.. but i got a personal tip… bottle the baby 4 1 entire day and apply the lanolin 3-5tyms on that day try 2 give as much “airing” as possible, it will speed up the healin process, ull be breastfeeding within 24 hours again and with healed nipples… if this doesnt work, get a nipple shield, it will protect u 4m furthur damage… only prob wit dat is baby sucks in more air.. good luck


                              hi everyone! thanks for all your help. i went to see the lactation consultant and it seemed to help. it still hurts but she said it will go away once they heal up.
                              she still doesnt like being put down, so we’ll keep working on that. if anyone had a c-section, how what can i expect for long term recovery? is there anything you wish you would have done/ known?

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