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      it just occured to me that i havent put up my daughters birth story, i guess in the chaotic adjustment to becomming a mother i forgot all about that, well i would like to tell it while i still remember it clearly as im due in 4weeks with my second baby and i dont wana confuse the 2 stories…

      i went into labour on the 28th of January 2008 at 10:45pm i got a strong pain and immediatly knew this was a contraction, i was scared my entire pregnancy that i wudnt kno wat a contraction felt like coz i had never experienced Braxton Hicks but wen it hit the first time i knew! i was 39weeks 2days gestation soo i knew it was time. i went to bed n tried to sleep but couldnt so i started boucing on the birth ball but that provided no relief, at 2:00am i woke my mother and told her i was in labour, i went n enjoyed a hot shower for an hour till i began to prune lol, at 3 i got out and got myself dressed n ready, i made my traditional prayers and at 5 woke up my mom and told her i want to go to the hospital, while she got ready i phoned my mother in law n told her to tell my hubby who was sleeping there so he could get to work easier that i was in labour, my mom took a slow drive to the hospital (which is 5km away) n i was on the back seat on all fours pleading with her to step on it! we reached the hospital n i refused the wheel chair n walked to the maternity ward, since i was already booked to deliver there, there was no complications. the nurse took me to test my urine n confirmd the labour, i was oficially admitted at 6:00am with no more then 2cm dialation, at 7:00am just before the nurse shift change, i was given an enema n when i returned to the room iwas greeted by a new nurse who strapped me up to a feotal monitor, as she left the room i bolted upright n tore the monitor off my belly n literally ran back to the loo, wen i got back w3e all had a good giggle and the monitor was placed again, in that short space of time i had jumped to 5cm and my gas was brought to me, boy was that HEAVEN!! altho it did nothing to the pain, it calmed me down alot and had an effect on my response time… i would take a few seconds extra b4 answering a question, the next 2hrs wer abit of a blur due to the gas but i do recall my gyne cummin in n commenting about how quickly i was dialating and how strong i was to still be smiling (thanx to my gas) and them braking my water at 7cm dialation… at 10:00am i was told that i was almost 9cm and would have to stop breathing the gas during contractions so that i could be fully focused on pushing, the nurse said that i should start giving small pushes to bring baby down n she would get my gyne who was down the hall, well wen they returned the baby was already crowning coz i experienced such pain relief from the contractin wen i pushd that i was pushing full force, i was amazed at how quickly the next few things happend, b4 i knew it the bottom of the bed was dropped and stirrups wer up, the doc was prepd, my legs wer wrapped up n then i realized that there wer 3 nurses,for me, the baby n the doc, my mum gave me ger hand to squeez n instantly regretted it as i nearly break it lol in about 4 pushes at 10:21am, after 11 n a half hours of labour out plopped my 3.28kg baby, lucky the doc had good catching skills, my entire pregnancy i didnt know the sex so i took a peep n saw my baby girl n she took her first breath, i tore alot but was praised by the nurses at how strong i was coz i didn scream at all till the last push and i was only 15yrs old then….

      today my lil girl is 15months old n is my life, she will be joined by another sibling in a matter of weeks so prepare for a second birth story post:laugh:

      thanx to all those who made it this far lol i know its a few words short of becumin a novel:laugh:

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