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      well i was just wandering because it just occured to me that you have to pay a big bill after the baby is born and for the hospital stay the nursery sstay and alot of other stuff that just cost alot

      i wanted to know like what were your bills like and how did you pay for them and i also wanted to know if the health care yu have right now can pay for it seeing how were all young and have a family health care plan does it cover the bills that will stack up ?????


        For both of my pregnancies I was on OHP (Oregon state medical) and they paid every dime. I know that different states have different health plans and I dont know the coverage that you have. When I was 14 I went to the hospital and after billing me over and over again they wrote it off and I was forgiven that debt. It also happened again when I was 16. That was up in Washington. Here in Oregon My daughter fell and broke her collar bone and we didnt have medical at the time so they set up a payment plan with me and I only paid 20.00 a month. When I lost my job I was completely broke and I filled out the paper work to have it written off and I sent in a note explaining my circumstances. They forgave that debt and I was very thankful. If you get stuck with a big bill and all you can afford is like 10 or 20 a month the hospital will usually work with you if you just communicate with them…..I hope that your medical will cover your expenses so that you have one less thing to stress over :)….Meg


          Hi when I had my son I had insurance for me through my dads work and it covered everything(c-section, hospital stay,nursery) for me and the baby(. (except if you have a boy it does not cover circumcison, which we paid for cash) My dads insurance was bluecross. After leaving the hospital I looked into insurance for my son, the cheapest plan would be about $60 a month(and it hardly covered anything) so I looked into Medicaid(@the county health center) and since I was in school w/ no income I got accepted and It pays for everything medical for him.When I signed up for that it qualified me for something called WIC and if you child takes formula it gives it to you for free until he/she is one year old. You should really look into the medicaid cause if you don’t have insurance for you and/or the baby it will pay for both in the hospital too. It costs like thousands of dollars if you were to pay yourself.


            look into medicaid it will pay for everything for the baby and you in the hospital. It is very expensive to pay yourself like probably a couple thousand dollars. I had insurance through my dad and it paid for me and the baby in the hospital but after I had to get medicaid to pay for all the babys checkups and other doctor visits(they go like every 3 months til there 2). I had looked into buying a insurance plan for just the baby but it was like $60 a month and it didn’t cover everything so medicaid was best for me. And since I was 18 when I had him and still in school I got accepted into medicaid easily.

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