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      I went to the doctor December 31, 2009. They did an ultra sound because they said I was measuring kinda big. The ultra sound showed that he was in the head down position, and his head was bigger then it should be if i’m only 31.4weeks. The lady also said that his body was bigger then it should be if i’m really 31.4weeks. He was four pounds and fourteen ounces. I’m scared he is going to be here sooner then I expect. -lol- The doctor told me that I need to pre register asap at the hospital, and for an epidural (but I don’t want one).


        well maybe you are not 31.4 weeks then?
        if you think you won’t need an epidural and you think you will be able to handle the pain, then tell them you don’t want one. But your baby sounds pretty big to me!Are you sure you wouldn’t want an epidural?


          To be on the safe side i’m not going to completely say no to the epidural. I’m going to tell them I want them to have one ready just in case. Cause i’m not for sure how bad the pain will be. I’ve had real contractions already, but the hospital said when I go to have him the contractions will be much worse. I honestly think that Braxton’s real due date is around February 13th, or February 14th. The ultra sound lady said that is most likely when he will come since he is already so big. I’m getting so excited I can’t wait till I finally have him. It truely feels like my pregnancy has been going on for several years. -lol-


            Your most likley farther along. How many ultrasounds have you had done??

            As for the epidural if you dont want one you dont have to have one. I didnt have one with my first. Honestly the contractions hurt more then anything, Once the head gets so far down you can not feel it.
            With my second I did have one but only because the Dr talked me into it. I was not dilating and my body was pushing to early and it was adding extra stress to my body. The needle hurt more then any pain I have ever felt in my life and when they got done i was dilated and had to start pushing. It didnt fully kick in untill after I had her. I could still move my my legs and feet, I could feel her come out. Then a few mins later my whole lower body was dead and I was annoyed.

            Good luck


              Oh goodness, I think I can handle the pain better then I can the needle. I hate needles, and I get really bouncy when someone is trying to pur one in me. I really want to like feel him come out, i’m not sure why but I feel like thats how it is supposed to be done. I’m hoping my baby boy comes soon!


                well ive learned there measurments are only what they say.. my daughter was 6lbs 14oz,17 inches long soo when i became pregnant with my son they told me from the beg he was a bigger baby and such and that i would probably have him early but that he would be no bigger than 8 lbs at the very most.. even the day i went into labor they told me 8lbs at the very most.. soo when i went into labor 2 days before my due date i believed them,and found out that he was actually a WHOOPING 9LBS 3OZ 21 INCHES LONG. soooooo yeah and i went medication free not even laughing gas and only 3 hours of labor with my daughter i took some medication no epidural but she was 9 1/2 hours. sooo anyways you can do it med free if thats what you really want, just try and stay positive and remember it will be over soon. thats what i did with my son and it helpes alot actually. sooo just dont think too much of what they tell you because its just a guess .


                  Thats a bigg baby.
                  My little girl is 4lbs at 37 weeks.
                  But she is a on the little side.


                    It’s scary to know how big he really is inside of me, but at the same time it makes me feel good knowing that he is big and healthy. -lol- I’m hoping i’ll have him sometime soon. (:



                        Oh yea just in case you don’t know don’t prepare your self for a specific birth plan just keep in might that the doctor may need to give you epidural you never know…I just wanted to keep you informed just in case mama[/i]


                          I really hope I don’t have to get one for any reason. But i’ll do whatever it takes to keep him in good health. He i my everything, his daddys too. We jut feel so lucky that U actually got pregnant conidering I was told I never could. Thanks for all the advice, it all helps. I’m going to pre register at the hospital in the morning jut in case.

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