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      can you seriously get preggo while on bc..i mean i know the 5% stat and all that jazz..i was just thinking because i’ve read a few stories here and there and i just need to know first hand. can you get pregnant while on anytype of brithcontrol? considering that you do take it normally majority of the time


        Yes, you MOST DEFINITELY can get pregnant on birth control. On ANY type of birth control. It is not fool-proof. The only thing that is, which I’m sure you’ve heard countless times, is abstinence.


          yes you can get pregnant off it but itt is a really low chance, i have been on birth control for about 2 and a half years and i havent been pregnant, it just depends on the person really. x


            I agree!!! Birth control in any form cannot keep you from getting pregnant if that is what the Lord is going to allow in your life. Sometimes I think God allows us to concieve outside of marriage so that we are forced to grow up and start making better choices. I was 19 when I got preg with my daughter and I was heading down the WRONG road. Had I not gotten preg when I did who knows where I would be right now!!! I know that sex outside of marriage is sin and some people say "well if its that bad then why does God bless people with babies?" Its called GRACE. I deserved AIDS but God gave me children instead because He knew the change that they would help bring into my life. I am married now and I remained abstinent for 3 1/2 years untill my wedding night and I cant wait to have a baby now that it wont be conceived in sin. I cant wait to have someone by my side the whole time instead of feeling like I was tossed out with the trash!!! Gods best for us is that we would wait untill marriage to have sex. There is so much blessing in it. Birth control will decrease the chances of pregnancy but it wont heal a broken heart or help you feel less used. I hope that anyone reading this would decide to make a choice for purity and that they would feel the blessings of the Lord upon them :)…Meg


              Hi, Birth control is only 98% accurate and using a condom is only 97% effective. But using them both together reduces your changes a whole lot. My mum got caught pregnant with my younger sister. he doctors didn’t think my mum was pregnant until she had a scan (they thought it was a cyst). Jen x

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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