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      I’m 19 years old and I’ve had all of the symptoms of pregnancy, including a baby bump(when I’ve always had a completely flat stomach)that shows more in the night time than day. I’m almost postive that I’m pregnant due to the way my body has been behaving. However, I’ve taken FIVE urine pregnancy tests and they all have been negative! Yet my belly is rounded now..I don’t understand..does anyone think I could still be pregnant??? I’m a full time college student right now but my boyfriend is very supportive and I can’t stand the fact I might not be pregnant because I’m getting used to the idea, since I love children so much! Someone please give me some advice.. :dry:


        When was your last period? If it hasnt been longer than 4 weeks, you could be testing too soon. If you have missed your period you should see a dr. A negative test could mean that you have an etopic pregnancy, or you are not far enough along to tell. It could be that you are not pregnant though. When you want to be pregnant, or even just think you are, our bodies play tricks on us and we have all kinds of things happen… A bloated tummy could be nothing more than something you ate, or your period about to start. All the early pregnancy symptoms are the same ones that you would have when you are just starting your period, so its hard to really tell. When I was pregnant with both my kids I thought I was pregnant every month expect the one month I actually was. That month was the first time I didnt have bloating and cramping and all the other things I thought were pregnancy symptoms, but it was just my period… I got super sick at 5.5 weeks with both kids (thats the time from my last period). The best thing to do is if your period still isnt due for awhile, wait until it is due and take a test, if it has not come and it should have go see a dr. You can also go here for local pregnancy center… They do free tests and the tests and can tell you better if you should go see a dr or not based on your last period.. Hope that helps!


          I haven’t missed a period thus far, but then again when my mom was pregnant with me she had her period for six months into her pregnancy. So, I’m assuming I just may be the same way. As for menstrual symptoms, I’ve been bloated for almost two months now, so I strongly doubt it’s that.And in the beginning I was hoping I was not pregnant, so I doubt it’s my mind playing tricks on me. I’m hoping it’s not an eptopic pregnancy, but considering my belly has been protruding more, and I’m not experiencing vaginal bleeding I doubt that it is. I’ll try that place in a week or so, thank you for your advice, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

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