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      My co-workers… my friends.

      I found out this morning that they were told by someone, I don’t know for sure who, that not only was I pregnant, but I’m getting an abortion and that’s why I’m missing a week of work.

      I kept it quiet to just my best friend and he has never.. EVER spoken a word of my personal life to anyone else.

      But recently I had to talk about it with my boss and his husband.

      And now… everyone knows.

      I feel so dirty, so ashamed. So betrayed.

      I don’t know what to do. I feel like I can’t trust anyone anymore, and I’m scared to even see these people again, for fear that all I’ll get are funny and dirty looks… giggles behind my back… who knows what else!

      I’m confident in my choice to abort and no one can talk me down from that.

      I just wish I could have been the one to tell them, if they had to find out at all.

      What do I do???


        Sorry to hear how you have been betrayed…I personally would not go with an abortion, there are many medical and emotional risks and side effects so please reconsider, however you came asking about what you can do in regards to your work situation and I can really sympathize with you…I lost my job when I got pregnant with my son, the employers knew that I was unmarried and passed judgment on me because of that…it was very difficult and as if my own world was not crashing down enough that had to be one more thing to deal with…if you spoke with your boss in confidence regarding your personal life that will affect your work life then what they did was wrong and illegal, it is not high school, it is your place of employment, is there anyone above your boss? If so go to them and report how your personal info was spread in an unprofessional way, if there is no one above your boss you can always to through the Better Business Bureau and report them as a business owner who conducted themselves in an unprofessional manner and you might want to consider finding a new place of employment and demand unemployment compensation….it was wrong for your boss to do that to you and I am really sorry that you have that added stress and pain in your life….do you mind me asking why you want to go with abortion? I mean I have met people who say they are glad they did it but they tend to be very depressed all the time and seem to have something missing in their lives and then the ones who have done it and openly admit their regret just have so much emotional things to deal with I just don’t see why someone would knowingly do that to themselves….anyways I am here for you, here is my email address if you want to keep your heart private between the two of us, I would not blab it around like your boss did…please write me and we can talk more…Love Meg


          The thing about work is I love my job and my boss is a friend as well. We take care of each other… I’ve found out who really spread it around work, since I posted the first post… not my boss, afterall. But still a co-worker.

          But in anycase, what I do is considered volunteer work. It’s not actually recognized by the government as employment. So, they would tell me just leave and go elsewhere and leave it at that. But as I said I love this job, and I do love my bosses.

          It’s just a stressful and hormonal time, and it just seems every time I turn around something new has gone wrong.

          Today was my appt for the abortion. They cancled me on account of me being too overweight for the procedure. So now I have to wait more and go to ANOTHER clinic who doesn’t mind the weight.

          I just feel so unlucky…

          Why abortion? BEcause I have far too much as stake to go through with a pregnancy. I have health problems. I’d lose my “job” I’m sure. I’m not READY for a child. And honestly, I don’t want anything to do with a child. Pregnancy scares me to death. I was adopted, and I really do appreciate the adoption option, but with all my problems, I wouldn’t dare risk putting them onto a child, or even risking the full term for my own physical well being.


            Wow….You just wrote that you feel so unlucky and I am in awe because your appt was canceled in such a last minute miracle…you still have time…anyways I want to share with you about an experience my friend went through…she got pregnant and opted to go with abortion, deep down she didn’t want to do it but she felt trapped…she is overweight and has had many health issues and she thought that having the abortion would help her avoid the extra weight gain and medical issues…she took the abortion pill RU486 and it caused her to gain about 30 lbs, more than she would have with a healthy controlled diet in pregnancy, the extra weight gain along with the infections she got and the emotional side effects caused her months and months of anguish, poor health and depression….if I read right you are about 2 1/2 months along correct? By chance have you looked into the stage of development that your baby is at? I mean you first hand know what adoption can do for a child, do you want to rob your child from life? Knowing that you had other options….anyways I am here for you and I don’t want you to rush out and assume things about medical risks due to your weight, the abortion industry is out to make money so they will tell you anything that sounds “good” to get you to go through with it, here is a number to call, 1-800-395-HELP, they can give you the number and location to the closest Pregnancy Resource Center to you where you can get FREE and CONFIDENTIAL help, they can better educate you on your options and the long term affects of them…Love Meg


              If you make a decision like that be prepared for judgment its just life.


                o0o0ok… i got prego’s back to back and i didnt even loose my bby fat from first pregnancy and i feel over weight rite now…. but weight you can loose and health issues can get better but aborting your baby will never go away you think it will but deep down inside its going to stay with you for ever!!! im not trying to be rude and tell you what your are considering is WRONG but its your life you know whats best for you n your future…. but if your are 2 1/2 months pregos your baby has a heart ,fingers and hands are developing fast …. think about it..

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