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      well I’m telling you right now you can do it. i was 18 when i got preg w my beautiful daughter and 19 when i had her. and i also have a 3 mos old son. and i would do anything in this world to protect them. my bf and i have been together for 3 yrs. i think you and your bf need to find a place of your own and have that beautiful baby growing inside you. it seems you love your mother but she will come around to the idea of being a grandmother. my bf’s mom wasnt happy about either one of our children but now she loves them so much and would do anything for me she will come around and if not its her loss. GOOD LUCK AND I HOPE YOU MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION! by the way dont let anybody tell you that baby isnt a living breathing person yet b/c it is…it has its own heartbeat and everything.

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