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      One of my good friends, her sister has something wrong with her heart and lungs and she also had autisim. She has been taking pills since she was 6 to help her heart from collapsing.
      She has been in hospital most of this year due to hyperventilating when shes too happy. She would faint if she walked too far. It just wasnt good for her at all.
      Last night at 10 she went in for surgery. And she didnt even make it out.
      At 2:30am she died and her sister had to be driven by members of staff to the hospital at 3am.
      Sarah only had another year to live and the doctors ever since she was 2 years old said that she only had a couple years. Then when she made it to 5 they said she only had maybe a couple of months. They thought it was a miracle that she lived to the age of 13. This is when they said she would live till the age of 15.
      I think its just devestating for her family and for the people that grew up with her sister 🙁
      I have been crying since i found out at 10am this morning. I got pulled out of class twice to hear the news. 🙁


        im sorry thats so sad i just cryed theres these sites you can go on n post to talk about this silent grief n otrib try them out or the family might want to.hugs to you n the family

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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