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      Hey all ya mothers!
      Ive got a two year old little man and hes very active and isn’t much of a sleeper. I’ve being trying to get him to go to bed by himself, and he was fine when he was sleeping in a cot….but now that he can climb out of it I have to be there stroking his head and stuff until he’s COMPLETELY asleep I mean for a really long time, otherwise he runs out of the bedroom and refuses to go to bed.
      I have no clue how to stop this. Nothing seems to work!
      Any advice gals?


        wow this is a hard one my kids did the same with 2 i just let them run around there room out of bed till they dropped n i would just pick them up n put them to bed now i would say read him a book n tell him after your done with the book its sleepy time.rub his head as you read the book it might work n if it dont just keep up what you were doing he might not be ready for bed by himself yet good luck.


          Thanks for the reply!
          I ended up just having to take away his midday sleep, so we’re in the process of completing changing his routine, because I was reading to him, and stroking his head, and talking and singing to him, but I just figured he wasn’t tired enough after having a midday sleep!


            I hope the new routine works for you.I’ve never had a problem with Sleeping with both kids.I tell skye its bedtime now and she goes to daddy and kisses him and then she climbs in her cot.


              Also a safety gate on the bedroom door can help


                i so need some advice im not sure wht to do
                im 16 and i dont think i can be a mother

                THIS SITE IS WAK

                  wow im going through the same thing i cant get my daughter to bed shes a year and 3 months and i just moved for the 1 st time away from my parents and im living with my boyfriend (her father) and his father and step mom…all she does is scream.. she goes to bed at like 1:00 in the morning and doesnt want to wake up intill like 10:00 or 11:00. is it because of the change she was never like this b4? please help!


                    Aww, why so, hun?
                    I was sixteen when I fell pregnant, and we’re doing just fine. There’s a lot of people in that boat and we’re doing fine.
                    What makes you feel that way?

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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