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      hey girls. yes, i fount out i’m pregnant, but i am extremely worried. i have been having very bad cramps all over my stomache. i took a blood test to make sure i was pregnant, and it came out positive, but i havent seen a GYN yet. reason is i have to wait til around mid-october. i recently moved and have to get my insurance card on the 5th. my GYN appt. will be around oct. 15-20. it also hurts when me and my "husband", we live together, have intercourse. i am scared to have a miscarriage, but don’t know what to do or if this is normal… :S



        I can understand the financial concerns about waiting until insurance comes. However waiting a month could potentially cause serious health risks to you and the baby. Maybe you could contact Birthright or a local crisis pregnancy center and they could help you with some financial help or point you to a clinic that could have an appointment at low cost. I’m not sure. Even though it might be expensive I think it would be worth it to get some medical attention. Good luck.



          hi there marie congrats dont worry about the cramps i get cramps like you too. i found out i was prego i took two home prego test both postive me and my fiance we have intercourse and i am also worried aobut having a miscarriage too. but i heard that the baby is in a protective sack so it wont hurt the baby dont worry just be happy thats all.good luck and write back to me when you can.


            Hey Kit and angelbigurl. Kit thanks for the advice. i got an appointment for this wednesday. and angelbigurl, thanks for not making me so worried anymore. i just didnt know if this was normalor not and got scared. I live in Puerto Rico now and we dont have those kind of clinics around here where you just walk in and they dont charge or charge little. if u dont have the card ur nothing. but i finally have an appointment! i’m excited.

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