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      Has anyone else had this?

      I have really bad pain on my right side. It’s right under my breast like right at my bra line. First I just thought her foot was up there but its been bothering me for going on 3 days. I intern in the Labor and Delivery section at my hospital and they were talking last week about that kind of pain relating to the liver and/or gallbladder being pushed too far up. If it is that its not bad though right? I would think its just uncomfortable rather than causing any complication. But it hurts evertime i laugh, cough, sneeze, bend over, put pressure on my right arm… anything pretty much! i know pregnancy has so many discomforts attatched to it so i dont want to go to the dr if this is just one of those things!

      just wondering if anybody has had this issue or knows what it actually is.



        The pain sucks:( it sounds like the pain that I have. It turned out to be gallstones. You should have it checked out. The doctors can not do anything until the baby is born. But they can tell what to do to help with the pain.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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