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      It seems like ever since I found out that I was pregnant, everyone tries to make me mad. I haven’t told a lot of people that I am pregnant, and the ones who don’t know keep yelling at me for no reason, it’s awful. The ones that do know are making it seem like I am upset with them…… What do I do to control this out of whack emotional mood roller coaster I’m on?!?!?!?!? :blush: :huh:




          One of my friends that found out recently she was pregnant , and she’s been telling everyone at work. Some of the older people that work there always seem to pull her aside and lecture her. Is that like what they’re doing to you? All i can think of is to just take it in stride, they’re probly not TRYING to make you mad, just try to remember why you’re over reating and back off the emotional gas. Keep us updated! 😉


            I learned to tell people that unless they have positive things to say to me, there really isn’t anything to talk about. Everyone wants to give advice and make sure you’re prepared for the worst. What they don’t consider is that you’ve stayed up countless nights thinking about all the bad things that COULD happen and how hard having a baby will be. So I don’t talk to anyone who doesn’t have positive words to offer. And I say that up front. In fact my sister came up to me at a family function and told me she had heard my news and has some questions for me. I told her I’d love to talk if she has something constructive to offer, otherwise I don’t have anything to say. It shuts them up quick. Needless to say, we never had the talk….lol.


              Hey hunny its me again, I just found out that i am preg. for sure. And I deffinatly feel more emotional already.. and i think i’m only about a month… :pinch:


                I agree with the first post, there is not much you can do except appologize to people that your emotions are a roller coaster, and tell them if you snap or take something the wrong way, to know that you are sorry ahead of time. Usually if you tell them sorry ahead of time, it helps alot when the time comes that the emotions get the best of you. Most people know, that pregnancy does this, and most people are understanding. But, if you feel like there is a slight chance that you may be emotionally blowing something out of proportion, take a step back, go to the bathroom, breethe, and calm down a second, make sure you are upset for a reason. Then after breething and calming down a bit, talk to them again, and express the way you were feeling, maybe they can explain something a different way to help you heaar it with a little less emotion. Unless you want to pretty much isolate yourself during the pregnancy from everyone, then you may want to sit down and come up with a plan for yourself for what to do when something happens that could be emotions to blame. I flat out broke up with my husband for five months due to hormones, and he waited, because he knew what it was because I explained that thats what it COULD be. Luckily, he understood. Its been 6 years now, and at the time we were only together 3 months, and not married. So like I said, most people know that these things happen. Just do not stress about it, thats where it gets bad, for you and the baby. In no way, am I saying hold your emotions in either, you must talk about them, but do so after you take your step back, breethe and calm down. It may be different than you are use to, as it was for me, but you have to make a LOT of changes when it comes to pregnancy and children. Good luck!

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