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      HELP! I am super close to losing it. I have been suffering non stop from back pain for a little while now and it has yet to stop. It is basically in one part of my back but it is driving me mental. Yesterday or the day before I started developing pain around my tailbone so now it hurts to sit and I can barely get comfortable. I can’t bend or do anything which is such a pain because I need to clean up and I can’t!!! Does anyone know of a certain way to sleep or a safe pill you can talk to minimize this? What worked for you????
      HELP!! This is maddening I tell you, simply maddening.

      Oh yes and I have another question, is it true you aren’t suppoused to dye your hair while pregnant and if yes, how come?

      Thanks guys!!:laugh:


        u can take tylonol or ibprofen for ur back and i died my hair several times when i was preg w both my kids


          I’ve never been pregnant, but keeping my fingers crossed! Sorry about the back pain but my cousin always used a warm towl {fresh out the dryer}on her back and it always seemed to help. my mother is a hair stylist and dying your hair during pregnancy is a BAD idea. the hormones ur producing and the dye make a bad combination and your hair might not turn out the shade you were trying 4. Best of luck,



            I’m sorry about back pain. I have it too 🙁 Nothing has been proven about it being unsafe to color your hair during pregnancy. It’s an old wives tale.


              sory about your back pain you can take tynoel or motrin i think motrin works a lil better lay on your side with a pillow between your legs on under your belly n put a heating pad on your back not to hot just warm n it helps ive had to do it through 6 pregs., ive colored my hair but dont use ammonia based hair dye or like bleach kits other wise your safe n good to go i hope this helps good luck


                I’m sorry about ur back pain. Does the pain run down ur butt and leg at times also? alot of women get bad sciatic pain while pregnant. I had horrible back pain the last 3 months of my pregnancy. I also have a bad back though that i just recently had surgery on. Anyways, I was on lortabs and muscle relaxors those last 3 months lol What i also did for pain is take a nice warm bath. Also u can try some stretches for ur back. Get on ur hands and knees and let ur belly hang then roll ur back up and then back down. Doing that in the shower really helped me and it relives the pressure on ur back. Also u can do pelvic tilts, lay on ur back and roll ur hips up. You know how when u lay on ur back u have that space between ur back and the ground? U want to roll ur hips to make that space go away lol then hold it and release and do that a few times. Also if it is really hurting u that bad You can ask about physical therapy. Yes they have physical therapy for pregnant women lol They re aligned my hips and stuff it was GREAT lol

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