Babys Death Anniversary.

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      On jully the 27th will be a year sine i was in the hospital haveing a d&c due to a miscarrige. that was my first child and i just dont know how to deal with it. I come to this site hoping to use it as a tool like in therapy but sometime I find my self up set and very angry. although it has been alomost a year can say that i am not very pleased with the results. I know the people around me are tired of this story but I can not help it. Why am I this way? I try to tell myself thst everything happens for a reason but it feels like I am liein to myself. the only justice or comfort that I find is in the class room. I tried to get pregnant on july 1rst wich was my day to ovulate and i had sex all the days i was fertile but i just strated my period today. when i saw it i cried and cried. What am i to do. i can not control these emotions much longer :angry: 🙁 🙁 :angry: :angry:


        keep your head up. i went through something similar when i was 13, so i can relate. i became very angry and got into many things i shouldnt have. but when i turned 17 i realized that i couldnt blame myself. it wasnt my fault. i hope that you will reach that point soon. until then i will keep you in my prayers. -vera


          Thanks for replying

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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