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      I will try to make this short, but basically the guy I was dating, who is the father of my unborn baby, planned to move to another Country for years before he met me and even after finding out of the pregnancy, is STILL leaving! ugh it has been many long frustrating months with him…

      He says he wants to keep contact and do whatever he can for the few years he is gone, but who can you trust nowadays? I don’t understand why he is calling me and wanting to get together all the time (he hasn’t left yet). Don’t actions speak louder than words? and him leaving speaks volumes about how much he actually cares, but than why does he still try? should i trust this guy?

      Thanks for any advice XO


        nah i wouldnt trust him, its like you said – leaving speaks volumes. just wait till he after he leaves and see how long he keeps in contact for.


          Hello Steph,

          He hasn’t lefft possibly because you are carrying his child, and his concience is talking to him. Maybe he’s contemplating staying near you and hopefully, committing.

          The best thing you can do is remain well rested, hydrated and concentrate on your diet and some light excercise. High impact activity reduces the amount of oxygen to the baby.

          If you have any faith in God, now would be a good time to pray for guidance and strength to carry this baby regardless of what anyone in society pushes you to believe.

          I will pray for you today and your baby,


            No you should not give that guy the time of day. If he is not planning on being there to help you and your child you should not have him around. Best of luck. Jessica

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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