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      ok i know this might be kinda weird to post but right now im having a hard time thinking of words for my baby shower game that we’re going to be playing, its called pictionary kinda like sharades. so far i have like 10 words but i def. need more than that. heres the list of words i have come up with so far: STORK, BOTTLE, RATTLE, BABY WITH DIAPER RASH, PACIFIER, CRYING BABY, CRADLE CAP, BABYS FIRST BATH, TEETHING BABY, BREASTFEED, DIRTY DIAPER, and MIDNIGHT FEEDINGS. thats all i can think of my shower is on sunday june-3 so i dont have a lot of time to come up with these words and if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.. just so everyone knows the words cant be too easy i dont want the guests to be able to guess right away i want them to be challenged! THANKS A LOT GUYS~sAMB)


        ok well here is an i dean why dont u go online and go to babyshower101 they should have alot of games other than that for you to play at ur baby shower:cheer: 😉 🙂


          How about…..stretch marks, water breaking, morning sickness, ultrasound, projectile vomit (LOL), thats about all I can think of at the moment…..hope that helps, I threw a baby shower for a friend a while back and something I came up with for gifts for the games was to give something that had to be given away in order to receive the true gift…..example, I gace a coffee cup with assorted tea bags and a few encouragement greeting cards and sent a note of instruction to pray about someone you knew who could use a little encouragement and send them a card….they got the cup and tea but they had to bless someone with a little note in the mail, another one was a gift card to a local coffee shop with enough money for luch and coffee for two….the instructions were to take a friend to coffee and lunch and to spend time praying for eachother….just a fun idea…everyone at the shower loved it…..have an awesome time getting spoiled…Love and Prayer…Meg


            How about strained (peas, carrots, etc.), formula, Braxton Hicks contractions, premature labor, labor and delivery, rocking chair, crib mobile, christening gown, colic, baby’s first steps, rock-a-bye baby, C-section, circumcision, onesie, lullaby…

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