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      Hi there everyone

      This is the first time I have come across this website, and it’s
      awesome! I found it while I was surfing for prenancy pictures and looking up more baby info. You see, I am obsessed about having a baby. Ever since I have met the love of my life, I have wanted nothing else more than this. :unsure:

      I sometimes wish I was pregnant whenever he and I get into something, and even if I was, I wouldn’t be upset because of how badly I want to get pregnant! I can only blame my female hormones, because I know every fabric of my mind says that having a baby is a big no-no, and should NOT be taken lightly. I am only 16 years old, and my boyfriend lives in a different state. However, we have just as great a chance of having a baby as any other couple in the world.

      I know having a baby is just about the greatest responsibility life can throw at you, but I dont know how to detour my feelings otherwise. I am facinated by the thought of a huge tummy, big breasts, and a boyfriend who would be just as excited :laugh: …and just as scared. 🙁

      How can I stop, or lighten my thoughts and feelings about having a baby
      and getting pregnant? I am 16, I want to enjoy my life before my boyfriend and I get married in the future… and yet I want to become pregnant just as much.

      Please help me, everyone.



        Please, if you can WAIT!!!!! I wish that I hadn’t made some of the poor descisions that I did for reasons such as, reputation, job instability, no time for myself. I was in your shoes at 13 years old and ended up in a Group Home for Girls due to being an insubordinate and for being very premiscuios. I am now 18 years old, pregnant, divorsed, homeless, jobless, and have nothing. Do you really want to end up in my shoes??? Something for you to think about. Get your education, get set in a career, if I could have I would have and I would do anything to have a second chance to do things the right way. Plus, babies do not make life any easier, they make life fuller, busier, and much more expensive. On average it costs $474.93 a month to care for a child, properly. Wait!!!! Don’t be like a statistic like me.


          I can understand why you would be obsessed with babies, they’re great. So little and cute and it must be wonderful feeling to be a mother. As girls being a mom is what we’re all about, it’s part of what we’re made for. So, to me at least, your feelings make sense. But as I think you already see, there’s a time and place for everything. Being a mother would be great, when you and everything around you is ready for it. The best thing to think about is that although you want it so bad you want to be able to make it a good experience for your child. You need to have the education, emotional stability, financial means etc etc. to keep that baby and yourself happy and healthy. At 16 I know I was no where near any of that, even now at 19 I’m still not ready for that. Of course it’s possible to make it through, but wouldn’t you rather be comfortable and have it be an easier experience. Waiting for a while can make that possible. Also, are you sure your boyfriend is ready for a child? Some guys can say some really unexpected things when you say ‘im pregnant’. And even if he seems positive enough about it right now, are you sure he can handle those crazy 9 months, and the yearsss to come after that? People can surprise you. Do you have your own insurance, a good job, saved money, a car (babies require so much transportation to doctors and it’s not easy to walk pregnant or with a baby in yours arms) I dont mean to lecture you or anything, I know what you’re feeling because I had to make this decision myself. These are all the things I thought about. A baby is a beautiful thing, but I want to be able to enjoy the experience too, I dont want to struggle through it. You have the chance to make the right decision now, so you dont have to worry about finishing school, abortions, being a single mom. You don’t need anymore stress 16 is a big year enough for a girl. I’m really happy that you want to be a loving mother, that’s something we need more of. Please look at your situation and think about if it’s inviting for a baby. Your heart sure is, but is everything else?

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