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      hi i wrote a couple of weeks ago. i am 20 and 14 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby. the father left me when he found out but now he wants to get back together cause he dosent want to miss out on his kids growing up. i have been with him for 4 years but how do i know he wont get bored and leave me again. help me.



        Is he the father of your other two children, or just this baby? If he walked out on you because of the pregnancy it does create a barrier to the level of trust in the relationship. It shounds like maybe he panicked and maybe wants to do the right thing now. I would be cautious, but would consider giving him a second chance (but not necessarily a third). I would let him know how you felt hurt and betrayed and that you need to know that you can trust him and count on him to be there for you and for your children.



          hunny, what i have realized about being a member on this site is that men come and go, not just scary for you, but for them. Sometimes they don’t care, sometimes they do, but one thing i know for sure that all 8398 member inculding me and still growing care about all our fellow girls, me personally as my own. I DON’T WANT YOU TO FEEL ALONE,even if he’s not around. And for real, foreal, instead of worrin if he gonna make his mind up about being a daddy or playing games, should not have to be a problem you are dragged into. Something wonderful is about tohappen, as is happening. love what growing and changing daily and don’t take it foor granted worryin about him, cuz maybe you haven’t realized, but he don’t deserve you!!! maybe he was only meant to be in your life for a season, to do what was meant in life, then leave so you can benenfit from what life has to offer? he would only hold you back from what life has in store. if no one writes you besides me, i can say i am writing cuz i care, if others join me, it’s because we care!!!


            i feel u need to stop worrying about him and his needs…and look after yourself….u already have 2 kids that u should be proud of, and they should be your first priority…not whether a guy that has been with you for 4 years decides he wants to man up and be there for you and his children


              hi he is the father of my other kids. we are going to try to work things out. it is hard on my 3 year old cause she wants to know where her daddy is. we are not going to live with each other for a while but i think its for the best. i want my kids to know there father. i know it doesent always work out like that but if he is willing to make an effort then i should try to.

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