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      I really need some ideas for girl names. I do not know the babies sex yet, but I already have a name for a boy but I can not think of a name for a girl. Could someone please help me.


        My daughter’s name is: Elizebeth, but I also like the name: Hanna….




            Maybe you could do what I did for my first two. I had read some novels years ago and thats where my two oldest names came from, my son is darren, and my daughter is Sadira, i have had two more children sine them, they are victoria (tori) and carlos (carl)



              well what kind of name do you want??? american cginese…lol so yeah im going to have a boy and his name is going to be Alex Manuel Vidol James…. yeah just let me know what kind of name and i can give you some


                i really like the names:


                  Ok how about……..Jade, Shannon, Annalisa, Abigail (abby), Heidi, Alyson, umm lol i’ll get back to u for more…tell me a little about what u like and maybe i can help more 🙂


                    My Fave. names are..


                      Well my daughters name is Alexis Kay and my next daughter will be Katarina Nikhole. i also like isabella annabelle Tabitha


                        i like the name lydia, i think its really nice.

                        gina lynn

                          i am going to name my daughters giavanna lynn, evete, brook, and latoya.


                            I named my daughter Addyson, coz i liked maddison but wanted something less common. also i like random names like tallulah and poppy 🙂


                              here are some that i like for a girl:





                                i wish i had a boys name picked out…well actually i do BUT me and hubby have different tastes. If this baby was a girl i would have no problems.I would have maybe gone for Madison or there is many other ways of spelling it.

                                I like the name Chloe too


                                  hey girl… i have some names for a baby girl in case ya like them…. Samara Nicole and Lacey Ahnalyse… those were my girl names until i lost my baby… congrats on ur pregnancy… i hope my names help… love ya.. Samantha:kiss:


                                    Well…since I dont know you, I’ll tell you the one i like! : ) I am naming my daughter Isabella Ann. I think the name is so sweet!


                                      I had the same problem but with boy names
                                      Aurora and Dawn are pretty names so are Rose and Samantha


                                        Aurora,Dawn,Francesca ,Samantha,Leslie,Caroline are some of my favorite names.


                                          damn your lucky cuz im havin problems findin a boys name lol. i dont kno the sex either but if i have a girl im naming her iliana. if u have ne cute boy names let me kno cuz i have no clue

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