Baby Movements!

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      Am i crazy or am i really feeling my baby move? I’m 22 weeks along and like a few weeks ago it almost felt like there was like constant butterfly in my tummy but now it feels almost like kicks but i dont know. Is it too soon to feel my baby move like that?

      when can my boyfriend start feeling the baby from the outside?


        I am not a doctor but I am a mom and pregnant with my third and I would say it is safe to say that it is your baby that you are feeling, I am a few weeks behind you and have been feeling the baby for a few weeks now, I guess I just know what to expect cause it is the third time for me but it wont be much longer before you feel hard kicks and can even see little elbows and knees stick out and move across your tummy like a little alien in there…LOL…it is sooo fun…my baby has kicked hard enough to be felt from the outside like 3 times, I just had my husband put his hand on the spot and apply a little pressure and he could feel the tiny little thump but for me it was much harder…so no, you are not crazy and it is not too early to feel that little baby disco dancing in there…LOL…also your baby can hear you, if you read books with a lower mellow voice your baby will grow familiar to your voice and recognize it after birth, it is a good way for daddy to bond with baby while in the womb…Meg


          well its definately baby moving and it could be the kicks because for most women, in about 3-6 weeks for you, other people can feel it. So that means they are already getting pretty strong! congrats!!

          Kailey, 18
          Mommy to Faith, 14 months!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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