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      🙁 Hi everyone im not pregnant but i am a mom of a 4 month old baby. about a week ago they diagnose my baby with lukemia i am very scared of losing him i love him very much, have someone gone througth this?


        I’ve never been through leukemia specifically, but I can relate having dealt with serious illness. Do lots of research to educate yourself and even contact places like St. Jude Hospital. I’m sure anything you learn will help you to deal with this and help your baby. I’ll be praying for you, as I’m sure everyone here will. Take care.



          personally i haven’t been through it as i am only pregnant for the first time. but i do know someone that has been through it. i have always been told to think positive but i know it is harder to do it than say it. but the people who i know have come through it and the baby was fine.

          i wish you the best of luck and i hope your baby is ok and will be fine.


            Hi there…I have never been through what youre going through but I want to pray for you and your baby!!!


              Lord Jesus, I just want to lift up this little life to you right now…..You know why he is sick and You know whether or not You will heal him..I pray that You would just reach down and touch his little body right now and that if it would be Your will to heal him that this sickness would leave his body this moment…Lord sometimes You allow us to go through pain and loss to build us up and prepare us for what will come at us later in life so I pray that if its Your will to take this baby home to be with You that You would make every moment special with him and his mommy while he is still here….I pray that You would prepare this mommy to accept whatever happens and that You would give her a double portion of Your strength…grace….and mercy. Lord I want to lift up all of the other cares and concerns involved with this situation….medical bills, the father, treatment options, and other everyday expenses in this families life. I pray that You would give all the doctors wisdom and discernment and guide their hands as they interact with this baby. Lord we committ all of this into Your hands and ask above all that Your will would be done in these lives and that You would be praised no matter what the outcome is……I pray all of these things in Jesus name….and if anyone else agrees join me in saying ….AMEN Let us know how things turn out………Meg


                oh my… that must be hard to hear… hold your head up and pray that they only made a mistake……. i will keep you and your child in my prayers.. think of thigns as though they are not.


                  Thank you for the emai telling me that the doctors have told you that you sons lukemia has gone away it blesses my heart to hear that :)Well isnt God good!!! When you pray He is going to answer…this time He ansewred with a yes I will heal your son but He doesnt always do that…I hope that this will increase all of our faith and help us to all see the miracle of prayer…as for your hair!!! the same happened with me during both of my pregnancies…what your doctor said is right it probably has to do with hormones :)…Love and Prayers..Meg

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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