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      hey guys, im 24 1/2 weeks pregnant wit a little girl and need some name advice!! her last name is gonna be amaya

      im thinkin:

      sadie elizabeth amaya

      or i like the names isabella, ella, aleta..

      someone give me a SUGGESTION PLLLZ

      i like DIFFERENT names, names not everyone has as my name is ashley n i know about 664848464 ppl with that name

      please give me some input girls!!:)


        Do you like ethnic names? If you are Irish for example you could choose a gealic name. Names I like for girls are Chiara, pronounced Kee ara, or Maria, Bridgit or Sheila, or Bernadette.

        jjs mom

          well if i have a girl (not pregnant yet!!) i want to name her ava tiara or olivia i like those names, i think jasmine is a beautiful name but my husband say’s if we do have a girl we can not name her that. well good luck. let me know what you have chosen


            Ok here are some names with middle names that are different that ive heard ppl use in my town…..

            Landyn MaLain
            Harlye Belle
            Aspen Lace
            Alexis Jade
            Mackenzie Jae
            Kynlee ???
            Karsynn Rain
            Kadynce ???
            Jasmine Reign

            I also like Isabelle and Lacye as different first names


              Hiya, my name is Sadie and all my life i have been told my name is lovely and i have only ever known two other girls called Sadie but be aware that my name does get shortened to Sade, just to warn ya. Lilly Mae and Amelia are nice names too best of luck x


                some of the names i liked would be
                eva marie/
                killi marie
                them are 2 names i liked


                  I like the name Eden (my boyfriend turned it down though) and Adalae (ad-uh-lee) sorry, cant do phonetics. We are using the name Faith. It’s not that it’s original but i don’t know anyone with that name besides Faith Hill so why not? There’s a lot of good baby name books out there.

                  31 weeks


                    for a girl i like ayla christina or elle for a first name.. for a boy i like jordan or ryan.. not very original but oh well.. my boyfriend likes kaith.. like faith but for a guy.. :side:


                      i my self like the name allison or annalise but out of your names that your deciding from i would pick sadie


                        Hello! I choose Elizebeth for my baby girl’s name.

                        But any name you pick, I’m sure will do!

                        Nicki πŸ™‚


                          when i have a girl i want to name it ither maddison or baillie any ways gud luck with the name and the baby.


                            If my baby is a girl, i am going to name her, Mirah Nicolette Driscoll

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                              I love the name "Hannah"… Hanna Katilen, but because I choose Elizebeth for my daughter- that would be number one on my list…. Let me know what you all choose!


                                If i was having a girl, i liked Kaidence Aldoncia. Aldoncia is spanish so i guess unless you or the dad is latino, that middle name wouldnt work. lol


                                I also thought about

                                Maya (not Mya.. Maya as in Mayo with an a. lol) Chache. (K-a-shay)
                                Maya Chache. It means "beautiful Aurora)
                                I’ve never heard anyone with that name and i really like it


                                  HI! congrats! i also like very original names…i love researching names and finding meaningful meanings (i know, reduntant) I also like the idea of naming the baby after important places or people in my life…for example: i lived in Ithaca NY for a while and love the name Ithaca.
                                  here’s some others:

                                  but i think baby names are a very personal thing and can come from anywhere or any person. Have you thought of your favorite characters from movies, books, plays, etc? Or combining different names together. Also you can create a lot of names yourself…adding new letters or taking them away – ex: Avid (david), Or like one reader suggusted Kaith for a boy…see how creating ames could be fun and not too hard?
                                  or using nicknames for names and cross gender names – ex: Ryan and Scottie for girls….
                                  Hope this is helpful…i just love names and their meanings….check online too there’s helpful sites as well as books…good luck!



                                    Real big on hawaiian names i think that they are beautiful!! as far as middle names not to sure but i was always told that a middle name always means something big and always has a special meaning!!!

                                    Me and my boyfriend are going to choose from these names but we are definatly stuck there all so beautifuL!!!

                                    Good luck in choosing your baby girls name


                                      I am still going with my daughter’s name, Elizebeth… "Lizzy"



                                        Before I lost my baby girl…her name was gonna be Xarrianna…It sounds like you would spell it Zarrianna…Well thats all the names I can think about because if I ever get pregnant again…and its a girl…thats wat I’m gonna name her πŸ™‚ I hope you can think of something in time…you dont wanna ponder & think when you have her & the nurse is standing over you waiting for you to tell her a name LOL πŸ™‚


                                          I don’t kno why but I love the names Jennifer, Paige, and Kaycie. When I got pregnant if i had a girl my Daughter was gonna be named Jennifer-Paige Elizabeth.(I like the hyfinated name). And for a son it was going to my Tyler Anthony..I miscarriaged and I still plan to use those names for my children.

                                          <3Brinnay, 17


                                            I’m in the same boat as you.I’m stumped for names esp boys names although i really think im gonna have a girl.
                                            I like that name you have picked out!


                                              im having a boy (in two wks!) but if i would have been a girl, i would name her Giavanna, Evette, or LaToya.

                                              Good Luck!!! gina lynn

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