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      It’s me, again! Lol wow, this site is my number one resource, obviously. 🙂

      I have a six month old who seems to have trouble taking naps. He is SO difficult to get to sleep and sometimes it can get very frustrating. He’ll move his head over the opposite way or force himself to cry just to keep from going to sleep. And in addition to this, he’s getting a pretty bad temper when he doesn’t get his way. I know he doesn’t understand things yet, but I just want to figure out how to make him feel better about not getting something or going to sleep. He is obsessed with phones and laptops… and then when you take it away or he can’t reach it he gets VERY angry. He’s like this with anything. He stiffens up and grunts. On one hand, it’s actually pretty funny and cute because he’s just like his dad, but on the other… it’s a little hard to handle, sometimes. And it makes me feel like a bad mom, too. He’s a really good baby and can sit through nearly anything, usually. He’s just recently started becoming more alive I guess… and he just wants things his own way now, lol. I can’t stand to let him cry it out, either. 🙁 I’d just like to be able to teach him that it’s OK not to get something or to go to sleep without me next to him.


        I have a one year old son and we went through something similar.

        For the phones and laptops, I find that if I have something equally exciting that I stick in his hands right away it usually keeps him from having a melt down. Also, as soon as I take the phone or laptop (He LOOOOOVES MY LAPTOP) away I hide it out of his sight for a few minutes.

        As for naps, your guess is as good as mine! HJ hates to sleep. The best thing I’ve found is to wait until I know he’s tired, give him a bottle and then put him in his crib with a few little toys that he can’t suffocate himself with. A lot of times he’ll play with them until he finally puts himself to sleep.

        Don’t feel like a bad mom though! He’s only six months old and there’s no way you can make him understand why it’s not safe for babies to play with grown up things. As you try to teach him, you can begin to call things “baby toys” and “momma toys”. At one, HJ is finally starting to understand that some things aren’t for him and he gets less upset when they’re taken away.

        I hope all this helps! It sounds like you’re doing a great job.


          hey sweety!! woah have i been down that road lol, i agree with JenLo on the laptop thing, distraction distraction distraction is the best way!!

          on the naps thing, i did it like this wit my daughter, i was breastfeeding so that naturally made her drowsy but before i put her down i rocked her humming a tune n then jus before the eyes close put her in n she would toss n turn n pull her face like she was about to cry then i start humming the tune again n stroke her till she slept, eventually she got to a stage where she would still toss n turn but aslong as that tune was being hummed she remained calm till she fell asleep…. now she is 18months n falls asleep on her own with no hassel but she has her days wen shes over tired or grumpy n i jus start humming n before u know it shes out!! she still wriggles like a worm though but it doesnt disturb her sleep at all…

          sorry this was soo long lol and btw he is 6mos now so he is learning to manipulate and he is learning that drying will get him wat he wants soo pleez wateva u decide to do jus keep dat in mind

          lotza love hun, u know where to get me if u need anythin!!


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