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      Ok I posted a long time ago I was having baby fever and it stillhasn’t gone away. It’s been so bad that I actually got birth control just incase I were to become sexually active again. I feel so awful that I already want another baby… Mine is only 14 weeks. I love my daughter more thas=n anything and being a stayat home mom at the moment I love thetime I can spend with her, she is so amazing and I love doing everything for her. So why do I feel the urge to have another baby? Soon I will be starting a job and college, LillieAnua (my daughter) her dad has a job andcould support us I’m just SO confused.


        Hey. You already have a baby, so you were carrying her for a while and now she is here! I think you probably miss the feeling of being pregnant, and even though she is born, you might still feel some sort of loss!
        You’ll be fine 🙂


          I can completely relate to you because I feel the exact same way! I miss being pregnant… it was like a fantasy world where everything wasn’t perfect, but at the same time… it was just so special and different. You could eat what you wanted, have excuses for nearly anything, just be lazy… and most of all, you had no responsibility BUT also the rewards of having a little baby kicking inside of you. It’s going to be something you miss. This is just one of those things that you have to look at what’s best for your child and think of the bad things pregnancy brings, lol. I have to remind myself that there is a lot of heartburn and discomfort, and it’s not all cracked up to what it seems to be. I have to fight with myself sometimes because it’s just not the best time right now, and I know that for mine and my son’s sake you have to look past it and move on. This is a bittersweet thing, after all. Just keep yourself focused on the future and your goals ahead, and your new little baby. Whenever you feel those urges, feel free to talk to me to get some comfort in the fact that you aren’t alone!


            Hey there. You are not alone! My daughter is 12weeks on wednesday and ever since the moment i gave birth i gave this urge to have another baby. Now just like you i love her so much. I dunno Why i would feel this way. Its not that i dont love my daughter im just longing for another 1. I spoke to my doc at my 6week app he offered me anti depressants but i refused. He said alot of woman feel this way. He put me on the pill. But i struggle every morning to take it Lol. My doc said it will pass and the feeling will go. But it has not. I try keep myself busy. Training and getting myself into shape but somehow i always find myself talking to my bf about another 1. Your not alone. Its strange. I dunno Why i feel this way either i kno i cant have another baby right now even tho i want one:(


              ur not alone my daughter is nearly 20 months n i really want another 1 and have done since she was 5 weeks old 🙂

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