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      so im starting to worry that the baby is not my boyfriends. and i know hes going to want to get a paternity test when i have it. i conceived in the beginning of december. me and my boyfriend had sex alot and each time he came in me. so i mean i am thinking its his. and i havent had doubts all along until today i was thinking. Me and him were having problems then and i know that i hung out with my ex a few times, im just not really sure when. I had sex with him and i dont think he came in me but we never used condoms. i think we hung out like 2 times before christmas..but im just so worried that its not my boyfriends..what should i do? do i have reason to worry?


        Well you might not want to hear this but here I go……You should not have slept around with 2 guys in the same time period. I used to sleep around and It got me nowhere but 2 kids 2 dads and 4 1/2 years of single motherhood. I guess I am very thankful that it didnt get me anythings else like a disease or anything but it sure did mess up my way of thinking. I thought that as long as I was doing it willingly and that I was having a good time and that we were in a monogomous relationship that it was all good. Man was I wrong. I have never cheated but I have been cheated on and it hurts. I have gone through seasons where I slept with whoever I wanted because I was single. But in the end it all just made me feel empty, used, rejected, like yesterdays garbage!!!! You should be honest with your boyfriend and tell him that you slept with your ex….own up to your fault….it is hard and painful and humbling but it is also wrong to let him think that he is the only option as a father. It took me 10 yrs of being sexually active 2 kids and so much heartache and dissapointment to finally make the choice to wait untill marriage. It was not easy all the time and I felt lonely and unwanted but it was also rewarding. On my wedding night 11-11-06 after 3 1/2 years of no sex I have never felt more wanted in my life because if my husband would wait for marriage to have sex then that means if something happened and I ended up paralyzed or something I know he would stay by my side because he committed to do that till death before we had had sex. I am not trying to preach at you or point out what you are doing wrong to make you feel bad I just want you to know that if I can turn around and make good choices so can you. There is so much blessing in doing things Gods way. And you will have alot less confusion in your life. I know that you cannot go back and make different choices its impossible…but today is a new day and you can start respecting your body and set a good example for your baby. Its not too late…I hope things work out for you and that you have a healthy pregnancy labor and delivery if you ever have questions or want to talk just visit my profile page :)…Love and Prayers….Meg


          Girl, that just might be a problem! You can always go and get it checked out to see if your man’s the daddy, but I bet you don’t want him to know that you were also doing another guy! So I’d just go on with my life, worrying can harm your precious baby and you dont wanna do that. But now you know not to sleep around with more than one guy in such a short time! Good luck to you and your baby!!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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