Baby Cravings?

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      [color=#FF0000]Hey everyone. I really need some advice. πŸ™ I’m 16 year old girly, and I have the worst baby cravings. When I say baby cravings, I mean I want to get pregnant. Before any of yall tell me how hard it is to take care of a baby, I already know. I rasied 2 kids myself from 6months-2years. I know what it’s like to get up in the middle of the night to change poopy diapers, and how much money it takes. I also know I’m only 16, I’m way to young to have a kid, I’m still a kid myself. I know everything there is to know about having a baby. I know I’m not ready for one..but still…


      I’ve went through what they call "

        Psycological Pregnancy

      ". I was kind’ve dissapointed when I found out I wasnt, but relived at the same time. That was a really emotional phase in my life, and I wouldnt ever want to do that again.

      So, my question to you all is: What are some things I can do to get rid of these cravings, and does anyone else out there w/o a kid feel the same way?

      Thanks for all your help. :side: [/color]


        hey man im only 18 and ive had that feeling since i was like 8 and started having cousins. my parents had me young so when babies were popping up all over from my uncles and aunts ive always wanted one. my mom always called me crazy and my friends but i know where your coming from. they are real feelings. all i can say is last year i thought i was pregnant(i think i actually had a miscarraige) and once it seems like its real, you start to realize how much money a baby cost, you feel the need to be so much more in life before you bring new life into the world. your just lucky you haven’t had to go through this. i still have the feeling but don’t try to get pregnant because once you are all the feelings and thoughts about it change. i always said i would be married with a kid by 18. and im not, i might still wish i was but its a good thing. hold on, the right time will come when we are settled, and making a life will happen when we least expect it.(that’s the best part, then its not planned and its more exciting, because your wish(or craving)finaly comes TRUE! B)


          Ah :laugh: I see. Well, thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate it. :side:


            i no how you feel huni, since i was about 11 i wanted a baby, im now 17 and i am the parent/guardian of my 2year old god son, having a baby is a full time job, yes it is wonderful to bring up a child and yes it is rewarding but it is not something that cant wait. the other person who replied to your post is right when you have the baby all those cravings and feelings change, and you could live to regret it.
            I will never regret looking after my little boy, but i do think that you will get pregnant when you are good and ready and when it is meant to be and there is so much you can do in your life. the cravings probably ont go away but you have got to keep going.


              There are many different views to this. Is is wrong? Here in the US, society says yes. As far as person to person, its normal to have a "mothering" urge. I myself went through this same phase at 14. I had my beautiful baby girl at 15 – just four days before turning 16. I keep reading that babies are so hard to care for, and don’t get me wrong, its a tough job – not to mention it lasts NON STOP for 18 ++ years. But the truth of the matter is, its not that simple. If it were just "hard" to take care of a child, it would be pretty easy. What I didn’t think about when i decided to "not care if I got pregnant or not" was how my wonderful daughter would feel about being born to a 15 year old, and not having a completely stable life. Or how my boyfriend (who I was so deeply "in love" with) would REALLY be around for the REST of my life. We’ve been broken up since November (his choice) and four months later I am still hearing how much he wants me back. I didn’t think how my body would be completely ruined, how I would never where a bikini to the pool or beach…EVER again. I love Rhiannon. I wouldn’t give her up for the WORLD. But HOW could I have been so NAIVE not to realize that I would regret this later on down the road AND FEEL SO HORRIBLE ABOUT KNOWING THAT, GIVIN ANOTHER CHANCE I WOULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN AND CHOOSE NOT TO HAVE HER AT ALL. (I don’t mean abortion, I would have never had sex in the first place.) You feel so BAD inside that the person you care most about and love with such a deep passion is the same person that EVERY DAY you wish hadn’t ever been BORN – or at least had begun life so much later. I am not going to tell you not to have a baby. I am sharing my story in hopes that if not you, then someone, somewhere, will be turned in a different direction. I’d like to speak with everyone who feels the same way, tell them of the aftermath. This is the best I can do, and I hope you take my story into consideration. I send you, and everyone else much love and best wishes.



                Thank you so much Jessica. Your story really touched me. It’s made me stop and think for a second. I really appreciate you replying to my post.

                Thank you everyone.


                  I have baby cravings also. I’m only 15 and I’m now dating a 17 year old. I absolutely love babies and I know exactly what it’s like to raise them. I raised my 3 nieces since they are new born. They are now almost 6,4, and one just turned two. Ever since I had to get a job and spend my money on them I have been wanting one…I have had a talk with my boyfriend and the only thing we are worried about is his mom getting to upset.He has promise he will stick around no matter what and we will always be together and I trust him. Six years ago he lost his dad,he was sick with the flue and had a massive heartattack while all the kids were in the next room alone.The 9 year old which is now 15 and my best friend kept checking on him and then she noticed he was sleeping with his eyes open and not moving anywhere. At this time his parents were in the process of getting a divorice so he knows what it’s like to not have a dad. And I can only imagine how hard it was on his mother to raise two teenagers, a 9 year old and a 11 year old.I want to finish school and I am almost in 11th grade(homeschool) Please help me get rid of this cravings. (Please post on message board forgot my email password)lol


                    Im 16 years old. I have a boyfriend who is going to be 19 in a couple of days. Im just like you, i love babies and i have always wanted one so bad. I grew up around babies and took care of them all the time. I thought it would be the best thing ever to have one. But i never thought of getting pregnant at 16. I wanted to but i knew i could never take care of it on my own. My boyfriend and i are so in love and we are going to be together forvever. About half a month ago i found out i was pregnant. The doctor said i had a miscarriage. You would not believe the pain , physically and emotionally, i had to go through, and still am. Right now i would be 4 months pregnant (i was 3 months when i had the miscarriage). Alot of things could go wrong if you have a baby at your age. Most of the time when teens have miscarriages, its because of the hormone balance in their bodies. For me i know it was that, and alot of other things i did because i didnt know i was pregnant at the time. If i were you i would wait until i was older to have a baby. I think its way to risky to have one now. Just because you know how to raise one doesnt meen you can support it when it is developing. I know this doesnt happen alot of times but it does happen to people in their teens and of older age. Please dont make a decision that you arent sure on. If you dont know if you should have a baby, i really dont think you are ready for one. I really think you should wait. I hope you read this and understand. i am here for you……..*kate

                    Mrs. Butterfly

                      πŸ™‚ Hello, first let me introduce myself, my name is Renee, but you can call me Butterfly. Second of all I know exactly how you feel. I am 22yrs old and I have been wanting a baby since I was 14yrs old. I am now married and trying to get pregnant. I would suggest that you wait until you finish school and have a good paying job first. You think you know everything there is to know about having a baby, but you don’t. What are you suppose to do if a baby has a seizer?What do you do if a baby is choking? What do you do if a baby is a bleeder? What do you do if a baby has colac? There are alot of other things that you need to know and look into before having a baby. I have to go, but I will keep in touch. I will be back later to talk to you. I hope this helps you out.


                        I have baby cravings as well but when it comes down to a pregnancy scare I freek out. I started babysitting young ones and my cravings went away, I’m 18 w/baby cravings and I’ve had them for about a year now. The point is, maybe if you babysit, your cravings will go away because you have a little something (even though that little something is not yours) to take your baby cravings away. πŸ™‚ But wait until you are ready and stable enough for a kid. I know it’s hard at times, but it will be well worth the wait. And your future baby will be happy you waited, so will you.


                          i have the same "cravings" i’m 17( 18 in nov- 6 months) I want a baby so incredibly bad. My boyfriend and i both want to have a baby, but at the same time we realize we’re not old enough. Its kind of depressing sometimes when you want something so desperately bad and you can’t. i know deep down that i’m most likely not ready, but i can’t stop it either. I also went to throught the whole, thinking i’m pregnant thing, and it just makes the "craving" worse. even though i know all the hardships. i know how much everything would cost, but i can’t stop craving either… i guess its just that strong desire in us to be mommys. nothing wrong with it.. as long as u dont go out of ur way to have a baby.


                            i know exactly how you feel. at 16 i thought i didne whether or not i got pregnant. my boyrfriend and i werent careful, and i got pregnant. i thought i would be so happy, but from the moment i found out i had a reality check real bad. my life was turned upside down. between school, parents, friends it was horrible. i was ashamed of myself and hated what i had done. i let myself gain 40 pounds in like 2 1/2 months. and my boyfriend supported me the entire time. it still didint matter, because theres a big difference between thinking you want something and actually getting it. so i had just started to get used to the idea and then i had a miscarriage. i was hurt because it is a very painful and straining thing to go through. but finally i realized it was for the best and i needed to focus my life on being a kid and not trying to grow up so much faster then nature intends. i got on birth control and lived life up for the next two years. then when i graduated my boyfriend and i bought a puppy. honestly, buy a small puppy, and take it everywhere with you. once you realize how hard it is just to take care of a dog. you will realize you do not want to have a child. trust me…now we are 19 we have two dogs, our own apartment, and cars. and you know. we struggle. i cant emagine having a child too on top of eveything else we have to deal with being on our own for the first time in our lives. we both decided we dont want chiildren until we have our own home. which we are saving for and our planning on purchasing when our lease is up in june. and now i fear i might be pregnant again. i told my boyfriend and he supports me only because by time it is born (if so) we will have our own home and we will both be 20. believe me, you will struggle enought in life. you dont need a child on top of it. wait until you at least have a home to bring it home to.
                            hope this helps…


                              DEAR, GIRL WHO WANTS TO HAVE A BABY REAL BAD!
                              LOOK SWEET HEART IT IS HARD TO TAKE CARE OF A BABY.
                              NOW TAKE IT FROM ME I WAS 16 WHEN I GOT PREGNANT
                              AND IT WAS NO FUN AT ALL. I MEAN EVERYWHERE I GO MY
                              BABY HAVE TO GO WITH ME .THE ONLY PLACE I CAN GO IS

                              A FRIEND WHO CARES πŸ™‚

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                                I’m 20 and am 32 weeks pregnant w/ my second child. I got pregnant with my son Matthew when I was 18, and although he’s the love of my life, and I can’t wait till little Andrew gets here, I would advise against acting on your craving. I love being a mom, but it is very hard. I am very fortunate to have a loving family who helps me through everything. My advice to you is wait, a child is a life altering decision.

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