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      Yesterday morning I woke up with major cramps, around 7:30 am. I waited it out till bout 930 and then headed to the hospital to hopefully hear " it’s nothing", only to find out that I am already 10 cm dilated and the baby is breeched and so a c-section is ultimately the only option we have. I had the bbay by 10:55. I didn’t get to see her until about 8 pm later that night since I was asleep during surgery and she needed to be taken away from me when she was born. She was transferred to another hospital and today I am transferred to the same hospital and all I hear is how very sick she is and how her chances of survival are little. Chances of normality are very low and I am in a terrible situation. I lost my mother-in-law on sunday in a car crash and her husband was taken off life support on wed and the baby was born on thursday. I have no idea how so much could happen in so little time. Has anyone gone through the same situation? They have no idea what brought on labor except stress possibly because I had a perfect pregnancy with no trauma to my belly, no medication and absloutely no drugs/alcohol and smoking. I have no support and I’m in a bad state. Any words of comfort would be greatly apprectiated.


        My son was born very prematurely (24 wks). If you need to talk, email me at I can’t imagine so much happening at once. I’ll be praying for your family.


          Hi – sorry to hear that your baby was born early. But they have amazing technology these days that can allow babies to live that would have not lived 5-10 years ago. Its a worry of mine that my baby will be born early, so to ease my mind i went looking on the internet for survival stories of premmie bubs. There are alot out there that have lived after being told that their survival chances were slim. My fingers are crossed for you and your baby. How many weeks were you? Feel free to chat anytime.



            hey girl hang in there i will keep you and your baby im my prayers…God will always be there when you need him all you habe to do is kneel down and pray…
            how far along were you when the baby came


              Just hang in there hun as hard as it may sound. Stay by your little girls bedside and pray for her everyday. I hope she gets better for you..


                Heyo0o0 i come across your pg nd read this i’m realli sorri 2 hear this… But da good thing is you aarent alone der are alot of mother who arre goink though da same thing as you…
                i’m 18 yr old and im goink though this…

                I am in da same sitution right no0ow i am due on 14th of March Nd few dayz bak i lo0ost da father of mi child…………… Right no0ow i am under so0o much of stress….. Mi family arent happy that i decided 2 have mi child and they dont support me in any where…. On top of all this da doctors are saying mi baby may not be healthy 🙁 All we ccan do0o is pray 2 God ….


                  Hi there. I am sorry for your whole situation… Best wishes are sent to you!

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