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      Hey I need help in choosing names for my baby it’s gonna be a boy;) could anyone suggest a name plez :cheer:


        You can get baby name books or just google baby names too. I picked out the name Braydon for my baby boy. Is there a certain amount of letter you want the name to be? Do you want there to be a nick name? Is there a letter you want it to start with?


          Well I like the name Alexander…hehe….
          I also like the name Amos, Blake, and Seamus. Don’t know why, but they’re the names that just sprung to my head lol.
          Oh, and Darragh as well, but that’s a really rare Irish name and I don’t think many peoples like it lol!


            Go through magazines/books!
            Write a list down and think hard whether u REALLY would use it until u get down to only a few or u can have bubs and look at him then make the choice.

            ava cameron

              Here’s a list of my favourite names: hope they help 🙂

              thats all!!! did you have any in mind???


                If i ever have a boy ill name him Gabrian. i love the names Angelo, Martin, Yoel, Jordan, and Pharrel for a boy


                  if you need help finding bby boy names go on they have girl and boy names from a-z and it tells you the meaning and the language it came from!


                    Brian Anthony is a wonderful name!! I love that name!!!!


                      I named my son Aiden Thomas. I love the name Thomas but that’s my baby’s daddy’s name, so it would have gotten too confusing for me. lol. I also love the names Ethan and Cole.


                        Im naming my baby boy romeoyo.But for some weird reason Irelly like the name samuel and the name timonthy.Hope that helps.


                          If I ever have a boy, I am going to name him Parker James.

                          But, then again.. it has to be a name that you like. I suggest looking up names online or in books, even.

                          Congrats on the pregnancy!

                        Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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