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      so i have 6 weeks left of being pregnant and for the past couple of days i’ve been like horribly depressed..

      i cant stand being pregnant anymore.. not cuz im uncomfortable, i can deal with the back pain and kicks in the ribs but because of how this has changed my life soooo much.

      i’ve lost so many friends cuz of this and when i do hang out with some of my friends they all want to go out and party but they are held back by me being there because im 8 months pregnant…

      i get the dirtiest looks everywhere i go…none of my clothes fit anymore and im just sick of it…

      i know seeing my daughter for the first time will make up for all this crap and i dont regret getting pregnant at all i just cant wait till i can at least have my body back… not that i had a good one in the beggining but you know what i mean..

      i feel horrible for feeling like this but i cant help it…

      i just dont know anymore…

      does anyone else feel like this? or am i like the most horrible person for feeling like this?

      im so depressed all the time i just hate it!


        I am right there with you and even though I am married I still get dirty looks, I have tattoos and my wedding ring doesn’t fit so I go "ringless" a lot, people look at me like I am some wild irresponsible freak and that I have no business bringing a baby into my "alternative" lifestyle just because of my tattoos…they ahve no idea of who I am on the inside and they have no room to judge you either…as for the partying thing, after you have your baby the desire to so that probably will not even exist anymore…I do know how it feels to be trapped in a pregnant body and not being able to touch your toes sucks, you are a week ahead of me and that makes me envious…I am in the same boat and we just have to hang in there, know that some of it is hormones too and be prepared for melt downs after baby comes because the hormones are even worse…we can do this, just a few more weeks, breastfeeding will help get your body back sooner too…once you see your baby and hold him(


          Oh dear…What you are experiencing is very normal. You have hit difficult time of the pregnancy. The end is near but just out of reach. You can do this. During the next few weeks you may feel as though riding a roller coaster. Up and down, down and up.
          Friends come and go. And while it hurts right now you are experiencing a transition in life. I promise you will meet some really great friends after your daughters birth. Imagine the great women you will meet when out with your daughter. Hang in there just a bit longer my dear. Sending a big hug your way.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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