Baby #3 on the way!!!

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      Hey everyone, I have been on here talking with many of you for months now about pregnancy and hard life issues, I am now expecting my 3rd baby and wanted to share the news with you. While some of you are sick or tired or having strange cravings I will be right here with you feeling the same way…I even cried at the grocery store a couple of days ago..LOL….I think I am due in June. I still need to go to the doctor and find out for sure, I only had a positive test yesterday….I hope that I will be able to travel this road of pregnancy with a few girls due around the same time…Lots of Love…Meg


        Hey Meg, Congratz to you honey!!! How old are your children? I Have a 8 month old daughter and I just took some home preggers test the other day and they’re all postive *all 12 lol* so I’m going to my doctor 2morrow.


          congrats meg ill be here with you all soon i hope but i bet you n your hubby are so excited good luck!!


            Hey…congrats on baby number 3!!! I also have another on the way and am due in June…


              Yay!!! congradulations!!!! We are both due in June, it will be an experience we can share together. I am sooo happy for you and your husband.



                Hey Congrats girl!! I may not be pregnant anymore but I just had a baby in July so if you need to talk I’m here.




                    congrats… all these babies… 😛

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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