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    ladii m

      My name is monica but some call me ladii m or monie i’m 19 and i alreadi have two girls and i that i am pregnant with baby number three. I’m in my first year of college and i’m staying with my mom and stepdad. I don’t know what to do because me and my babydaddy have been on and off for the past 5 1/2 years and i’m trying to figure out if having another baby is the right thing to do right now seeing as the only i was going to be able to go to school was if i moved back home with my mother. On the other hand i actually want this baby and i can’t talk to him about because any mention of babies drives him crazi what should i do. My mom is paying for me to go to school and she told me that if i got pregnant again i’ll really be on my own what should i do.


        I think that you should keep the child because it was your mistake and not the babies. If you have to stop going to school for a while to get you and your children together that is ok, but it seems like your mom cares too much about you and you children to put yu all out. You seem like a strong person that know how to take care of your responsabilities. I Don’t think that you will ever be able to forgive yourself if you got an abortion because you want to have the child. I hope everthing works out for the better for you. Good Luck:)


          I agree. This isn’t the baby’s fault and I really think your mom won’t turn you away. There’s nothing wrong about going to her for help. It’s actually more mature for a person to seek out help when it is necessary rather than trying to handle everything yourself.

          At this point, think about your children. Their father should start shaping up and being a real dad. He can’t blame you for getting pregnant. It’s not like you produced sperm and inserted it yourself. He should shape up and be responsible for the sex that he;s been enjoying.

          Don’t worry if you lose him. Your children deserve a father, true, but what they don’t need is a sperm donor. Think about what you’re worth and what your children are worth. Let him earn being with you and your children.

          Your mom? Honestly, she’s frustrated and she’ll even be more frustrated this time. Can’t really blame her. Think about how you’d react if you were in her shoes. After her initial frustration though, she will remember how much she loves you and your children.

          Stand your ground and show her that you’re an adult to be reckoned with. If you have to stop school right now just to concentrate on your babies, let it be. You’re so young that once your youngest is five years old or even four years old and can be left at home with their grandmother, you’ll only be around 25. Still so much left in your life and so many opportunities still before you. Think about how good it will be to come home from school with three adorable children to welcome you home. If the sight of that can’t get you inspired to be the best woman you can be, I don’t know what will. 🙂

          Lastly, try to see things like your mom does. Look, she’s hung on to you even with the frustration she has and the fear for your future. That’s love, nothing else. It would be good to stick around with her. You can learn a lot about being a patient and loving mom.

          Take care, sweetie.

          We’ll be praying for you.



            I think that if you got an abortion it would show your mom that you are irresponsible….she is probably helping you because she sees that you have lived up to your responsibility and she wants to bless you for that…keeping this baby means that she might not help you anymore but she warned you didnt she??? but killing your baby is a horrible thing to do and being the mother of two already I cant imagine that you would consider it…Your boyfriend isnt off the hook either…he needs to marry you or quit having sex with you!!!! we were created to fall in love, then get married, then have sex, then have kids… the world today tells us that you can have sex, have kids or abort them, get married if you want to or even get divorced if your just not happy, and that you dont have to love someone to sleep with them dont even have to be emotionally attached!!! that is not how God meant for it to be….the way I see it is that you are old enough to legally get married…you have two children with this guy and one on the way…if you are not ready for marriage then quit having sex…if you cant afford to have a "fancy" wedding then go to the court house…when a man goes into a woman the two become one and in Gods eyes the act of sex between you has joined you eternally…you can never seperate and become two again….it will leave you torn and broken and you can never replace what you leave "attached" to the other person…your boyfriend needs to be a man and marry you and start taking responsibility for his actions and you need to quit letting get away with it ..dont have sex with him again until he marries you…you are showing your kids that it is ok to do things in the wrong order and that it is ok for a guy to come and go as he pleases… tell him lets get married or you need to get lost!!!!!!… stand strong and dont give in.. you need to face your consequences and raise your kids to not do the same thing…..Meg


              I was just in the same spot as you, I just sighned up for school and already had two kids. The only diffrence was I’m married but trust me my husband didn’t want to here about another baby. But I lost my baby and it was the worst think that could happen. I would do anything thing to get my baby back!!! I can’t even thing of what it would have been like if I would have gotten an abortion. Trust me you can make it work !!! I’m going to community college and was planning to do a term online. Maybe somthing like that would work for you. GOOD LUCK!!!!!


                sorry to hear that. But if the talk about babies drives him crazy. maybe he shoudl do more to prevent from havign anothor one yu know? Thats tough being a mom of one at that age, and two i probaly extra hard. I know someone who ahd three by the time she was 23, her first born at 15. But things did work out. She loves her kids more than anything.


                  The question here is, what do you think is right? Do you think it’s right to end the pregnancy, or to continue it? If you have the baby, you could also consider adoption. I’m pregnant with my third and that’s something I’m strongly considering.

                  THink of your two chilren as well. What is best for them? What are the potential emoational and physical consequences of your actions?


                    It sounds like you really want to keep this baby so i would.You couldn’t live with yourself if you gave it away or aborted it. I think that maybe your mum might be not happy with you for getting pregnant again but i reckon she would be there to support you with your decision.
                    I hope it works out all good for you.


                      well i think this is a hard sit. i think its all up to you but i would keep the baby n he has to talk 2 u no matter whet you do because its not only your child you can take off from school for a little bit n go back but make sure you go back eventually even its 5 yrs go should talk 2 your mom n tell her how you going to be 30 in oct n i have 6 kids n one on the way i was so confused i didnt even want to go out the house cause i didnt know what to do when i found out i was preg this time but i dec to keep this baby, this is it for me though im geting a tubal done but if you ever need anyone to talk 2 im on here. n good luck.


                        Darling, I have been in your shoes. I had two children by 18 and got preg again at 23. I didn’t think anyone would understand and considered abortion. My son is now 16. Our children are gifts from God. Hang in there and please stay strong for your baby and other children.

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