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      I’m so confused! I am about 9 days late for my period. I have taken 3 pegnancy tests and all have looked like the second line was barely there. I got a blood test yesterday and it was negative. I used the due date calculator and it said I was about 3 wees 2 days. So my question is is it too soon to know for sure? I’ve been feeling a little sick lately. certain smells make me queasy. My body temperature has been close to a 100 degrees the past few nights like it was with my first pregnancy. I’m not really under a lot of stress. My boobs haven’t really hurt but are sensitive and kinda tinglely. I havent been on birth control for about 3 months because my husband and i were splitup. I havet been eating any different. Someone please give me some advice!:unsure: :unsure:


        Just wait it out a little longer to see if you start and if you are still really late then go for another test….a pregnancy recourse cernter might have a free ultrasound available and they will give you one if you are 6 weeks late with a negative test… you and your husband WERE split up but I assume you are back together…right…well I hope that you will find everything out soon and I pray that the Lord will bind your marriage and strengthen your hearts…..Meg


          if the blood test said negative than ur more than likely not preg, cuz blood tests are like 100% cuz they test the horomone levels in ur blood…so u may have another problem like a cyzt on an ovary or something else that can cause u to be late or not have a period….i’d suggest this to ur doc and see what he/she says….


            I know its only been like a day since I posted but I still havent gotten my period! I know blood tests are almost 100% accurate but I’m just wondering if it was too soon to know. Going off the pregnancy calculator I’m only 3 weeks. Could that be too soon?


              It’s not likely that its "too soon", but I have heard of stranger things.

              One thing is the level of HcG has to rise exponentially in the first few weeks for a pregnancy to be viable. If your HcG doesn’t rise, your body will expell the pregnancy because it cannot sustaine it. Have you spoken to your doctor about your symptoms and negative tests? Since your negative blood test results? Because if the symptoms are still present you should definitley look further into it.

              I also agree with the previous poster – it could very likely be a cyst or something of that nature. Either way you need to find out!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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