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      I am 24. I found out I’m pregnant with baby #2. My son is 19 months old and beautiful, but his dad isn’t in his life enough as is. On Christmas he came to visit and in a moment of loneliness and bad choices we slept together. I thought it would be fine as I was supposed to be getting my period ASAP and he was careful (he said) not to cum inside of me, but here I am 4 weeks along and stuck with what to do. I know I won’t give it up for adoption, but I don’t know if I can have two babies alone.


        sweetheart! I am sorry your man hasn’t been there for you…and I am so thankful YOU HAVE BEEN THERE for your child. I am thankful that you love that little one, and I know you care for your second as you are figuring out the next steps! I’m sure you are going through a lot in your head. Do you have supportive family nearby? I suggest going to and finding a Pregnancy Help Center nearby. Ask them for resources and to help you figure out a plan. They would love to give free and confidential help. I pray that you continue on strong, whether you keep the child or give him/her to a loving family. Standup! Let me know how things turn out. Blessings <3


          My dear, I am feeling for you!! I know things seem bleak and you can’t see a positive in this situation…but there is one! You have created another beautiful little preborn baby that is growing inside of his/her loving mommy!! You have made it through the hardest part of being a parent…the first child!! You can do this!! There are resources out there available to help you if you need it. Just let me know and I can get a list for you!

          Keep your chin up and think about that moment you saw your baby boys little face and smile!! These are things that make parenting something that you can not resist! You can do this and you don’t need a guy that can’t be responsible in your life. You are better off without someone like that. There is a wonderful man out there that was chosen just for you!! He will come along and make your family complete…but for now, you are the best one for your kids!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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