Athlete and Pregnant

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      I just took two pregnancy tests a couple of weeks ago,like the last week of April and they both turned out positive. This is the last thing i ever thought would happen me! My boyfriend and I both play basketball and he is very supportive and is sticking by me 100%. He is 14 and I’m 15 though and the last thing we both need is a baby. We both decided to get an abortion before the baby becomes really developed (but i dont know how far along i am). Anyways now he wants to keep it but I’m scared for the simple fact of my family. They are like so stricked. Please someone anyone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        ok first of all settel down you will be fine .just because your and basket bal player does not mean any thing .your in shape wich almost any time you get pregant when your fit you make good heathy babys. You and you boy freind work it out but dont do any thing you will regret later.if i were you i would carry the baby to term and do and open adoption their are alot of good people out there who would love to raise your baby and still let you see it and know how it is.hope this is any help keep us posted
        god blees


          in my opion abortion is not the answer. It is murder. Please think it over. If you REALLY can’t keep the baby you can always opt for adoption. Just think of all the really wonderful couples out there that can’t have kids. They could give your baby a wonderful life. There are adoptions that called open adoptions meaning you get to have contact with your baby.
          Just think it over. have you read the stories in here about women who got abortions and how they regret it. You’ll regret it later in life.
          I work with a women who had her son when she was 13. She graduated from high school and went on to get her college degree. (she graduated with a 3.82 might i add) her son is now 9 years old. And she wouldn’t change anything for the world. she was scared and hide it from her parents. They didn’t find out untill they got a call from the hospital that she was in labor. Instead of her parents being mad that she was having a baby they were mad that she didn’t tell them earlier so she didn’t have to go through it all alone.
          You can do this. You are strong.
          Just please think it over.
          Write back and give me an update.


            You’re right, the last thing the two of you need at such a young age is a baby. But, and you may not like to hear this, you decided to have sex. You made the decision to play *with fire*, and now you got burned. Although things look all doom and gloom right now, it will work out.
            In this generation, it is almost normal to be a teenage mother. And while that doesn’t make it right, it does help to make it easier. There are a ton of support groups, and internet sites like this one. And depending on how supportive your parents are of your basketball career, and your baby, you could probably still play. There was an article in my citiy’s paper about a teenage mom who managed to stay in school and continued to play basketball, all while caring for her son. so it can be done.
            Please dont make the decision to kill your baby by yourself. You are too young to realize the pain it will inflict on you for the rest of your life. And i know because i had one. I thought it would all be ok. It was just a lump of tissue. but now i carry the guilt, and the shame, and i wish with all my heart i could go back and undo my decision. I wasn’t aware of the sorrow i would feel. I mourn my little baby everyday, and it is something i will probably do for the rest of my life. Adoption is another option, if you really feel you can’t keep his baby. I hope you search your heart, and really think about your options before you do anything you will regret. I’m here if you ever need to talk. Take care.



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