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      I finally went into labor on the 21st of December, 9 days past my EDD. I had super weird back pain from 4pm and my water broke around 7:30pm. Hubby raced through to hospital (i still couldnt feel any contractions except for back ache). By 9pm i was still only dialated 4cm and 100% effaced, contractions were about 4mins apart but weren’t helping me dialate at all.

      Aergean held my hand, while i tried breaking his EVERYTIME i felt a contraction lol

      At around 10pm, Yelena’s heart started doing really funny things, it shot up to 180bpm and the dropped to below 70bpm and i was prepped for theatre so they could perform an emergency c-section.

      My natural labor plans went down the toilet, but I finally have my beautiful baby girl!


        It sounds like it was a bit scary. I’m so glad you both made it through. Congratulations!


          congrats shes beautiful!!!!!


            I am SO happy for you Eva!!! YAY!!! 🙂 Love Meg!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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